What Type Of Mustache Did Charlie Chaplin Wear?

If you are a big fan of the comedy king – Charlie Chaplin, you may surely have noticed his distinctive mustache, right? Although this type of mustache is not new, many people still do not know the name of it.

So, what type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear? We will answer that question right below! Scroll down to see now!

What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear?

What type of mustache?

Here, we reveal the name of what type of mustache Charlie Chaplin wore! Well! This mustache is known as the “Toothbrush” mustache! As the comedy king has said, this kind of unique mouth hair looks quite comical. Therefore, he desired to add it to his costume and was filmed with it.

The first time Charlie Chaplin wore this mustache type

Of course, Charlie Chaplin is not the man who has designed the Toothbrush mustache. However, he is the one who makes it become famous worldwide.

The first time that the comedy king wore it was in the 1910s, as he played in the role of the character “Tramp”. In an interview in 1933, Charlie Chaplin admitted that this mustache was his best choice.

Because this type of mustache looks quite funny, so the British actor hoped that it could make the audience laugh. In addition, this mustache is so tiny that it could not hide the facial emotions of Charlie Chaplin while he was performing.

How do toothbrush mustache look

What makes the Toothbrush mustache exceptional is its simplicity. In detail, Charlie Chaplin has shaved his mustache at the edges, leaving only about 1.6 – 2 inches above the middle of the mouth. The sides of this mustache can be either vertical or nearly vertical, instead of being tapered as usual.

In fact, this mustache type is called Toothbrush because it looks similar to the brush bristles.

History of toothbrush mustache

In The United States of America

Initially, this mouth hairstyle became popular in the late 19th century in America. With a neat and uniform style, the mustache does not require many steps of maintaining. Also, because of the simple appearance, it was likely worn by many American industrial workers.

In Germany

In the same 19th century, the Toothbrush mustache became famous in Western Europe, especially Germany. More specifically, some German men had been noticed by The New York Times for wearing this trimmed down one in the year 1907. Before this time, the Kaiser mustache was the most popular type for the Germans.

Famous People Who Have Worn Toothbrush Mustache

Besides Charlie Chaplin, there were many famous people who wore Toothbrush mustache as well.

The Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler is the first name that we mention in this article. Though we don’t know the exact time when Hitler first wore this Toothbrush mustache, according to Alexander Moritz Frey – a server of Hitler, he had this mouth hair type in World War I. At that time, Adolf Hitler chose this mustache style in order to wear his gas mask easier.

Also, the German automobile racer – Hans Koeppen is known to have worn this Toothbrush mustache in 1908, when he was taking part in the race from New York (the U.S.A) to Paris (France). In this race, this German racer was described to be 6 feet tall, slim, with a bristle brush mustache in the middle above the lip.

And if you are a basketball fan, you probably have seen the legendary player Michael Jordan wearing that mustache. However, this man had re-designed his mouth hair a little bit, by leaving a space between the mustache and his nose.

How To Grow Mustache Mustache?

So, now you know the answer to “what type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear”, then we will instruct you on how to grow it.

To be honest, growing this type of mustache is not difficult at all! All you have to do is let your mouth hair grow. As the mustache becomes super thick, you should shave it on two sides, so that there is only a small one in the middle above the lip.

Final Thought

It is really cool to find out this topic: “What type of mustache did Charlie Chaplin wear”, right? Thanks to this Toothbrush mustache, the comedy king has successfully made a good image of himself to all the fans worldwide.

If you like this mustache, do not be afraid to grow it! It is really easy to make! Of course, do not think that you will look ridiculous, because many famous people like Michael Jordan and Adolf Hitler wear it as well!

Thanks for reading!

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