What To Wear With A Black And White Striped Skirt? – Six Attractive Outfit Ideas

A black and white striped skirt is a classic item that will never run out of fashion. That is because there are tons of ways you can wear this item to create an elegant and stylish appearance.

Are you curious how?

Follow my article below to discover what to wear with a black and white striped skirt to achieve a polish look.

What to wear with a black and white striped skirt? – Six ways to look like a fashionista

Chiffon blouse

Let’s start this list of attractive outfit ideas with an elegant work-wear outfit. To form such a look, you will need a monochrome chiffon blouse with the highlights on the collar or the sleeves, such as a plain tied collar long sleeve chiffon blouse, or puff sleeve grandad blouse.

In case you yearn for a more glamorous outfit, a floral print blouse would be a perfect match with your skirt. Also, pair these pieces with your high heels and handbag to complete the outfit cleanly.

Print shirt

You might think that mixing your skirt with a small print shirt can get a little overwhelming, right?

Then, you have to check out this outfit. You will look gorgeous when combining a print shirt with your skirt, especially the one with small floral prints. A suggestion for you is a neutral color shirt with some flowers as highlights.

For this outfit, you do not need many accessories. A watch and a clutch are enough to bring out a trendy appearance.

T-shirt and blazer

You will be impressed by how classy you look when mixing a monochrome T-shirt and blazer with your black and white striped skirt.

If you prefer a minimalist style, a beige or black blazer would be your perfect option. However, if you want to stand out in the crowd, you can try out the blazer with neon bright colors, for instance, a hot pink blazer.

Also, do not forget to add the accessories, such as a designer necklace by Francesca Jewellery, watch, bracelets, and earrings to complete your outfit in a stylish way. 

Long-sleeved T-shirt or sweater

What to wear with a black and white striped skirt for an everyday casual look? Well, you can mix it with a long-sleeved T-shirt or sweater.

The one with neutral colors and few to none patterns is the perfect choice for those looking for a casual outfit. In case you are in the fall or winter, you can add black leggings to achieve a poised look.

What if you want to break out of your comfort zone and try something new? Then, you can go on for a T-shirt with a deep V chest cut to form a sexy appearance. 


You want to wear a black and white striped skirt to the party this weekend yet do not know what to mix with it?

Why don’t you try a pink-blush tank top and studded-matching-color clutch? Also, pair these pieces with gold rose accessories and matching-color high heels to gain an attractive and trendy look.

Another way to wear your classic skirt is to combine it with a white tank top and a chambray jacket. For shoes, a pair of white sneakers is a good option to add a dynamic touch.

Crop top or cropped sweater

Another way to form a beautiful and trendy appearance is to pair your skirt with a crop top or cropped sweater.

In detail, you can choose the ones with bright neon colors or colorful patterns to look bright and attractive. Besides, put your jewelry set and studded high heels into the mix.

In case you prefer a minimalist black-and-white look, combine your skirt with an off-shoulder cropped long-sleeve striped top. For the shoes, let’s try on a pair of black or white high heels to achieve a matchy-matchy look.


I hope that you enjoy the ideas I have just shared about what to wear with a black and white striped skirt. Give these outfits a try and form a trendy look for your upcoming occasions.

If you have any other ways to mix this classic item, let’s share your idea below. Thus, we can learn from each other and be beautiful together.

Goodbye! And see you again in another article! 

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