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The “We Will Inspire” website welcomes your articles and blog posts. A list of topics related to our lifestyles, such as travel, food, love, etc. Also, other articles about fashion and beauty are allowable. Browse to our well-built website https://www.wewillinspire.com/ for further information (contact me via my email: richard@mygreenerylife.com).

We are always more than happy to receive your writings that share your opinions and experience related to our topics. Don’t hesitate to raise your voice.

Our Requirements?

Read and scan through our available articles and blog posts to learn our writing styles and formats.

Choose and filter some creative and attractive topics that captivate readers.

Answer the question “Who are your readers?”. In other words, find out readers’ concerns, and then create attractive and useful writings.

Your content must be unique, not copied. Ensure that your contents are new and have never been published on other websites before. Bear in mind that you have to find out carefully about the topic before starting to write. We highly recommend your best quality posts.

You must check the grammar, spell, as well as information before sending your last product. Otherwise, it is not acceptable.

What gets accepted?

Your writings must contain useful and informative content. Make sure that your product help readers on the problems that they are seeking. It means that your contents have to meet the need of readers.

For some writings with quoting information, you have to add the backlinks of the sources. That helps readers know that information you give is reliable.

To help readers understand more about the topic you are focusing on, it would be better if you give some specific examples.

Knowing clearly who are your potential audiences for your post is necessary.

Add images, videos, and other media in your post to make it lively, but you have to ensure that they do not have any issue with copyright laws.

Attach link is recommendable but we only accept ones that are useful to the content of the post. Avoid self-advertising and never pad keywords.

Helping the editor

Follow our directions above, it may save publishing time. When you finish all steps, the editor can easily check the contents and publish it quickly. It’s good for all. A standard blog post should be well-structured and SEO-friendly. Also, your blog post should be readability and easy to understand.

Your benefits

Once your writing is published, we offer do follow backlinks. You can add these links to the next post to attract readers.

As wewillinspire.com is now an interesting and growing website, and your post can reach a high level of readers.

Improve interactions, traffic, loyal readers, as well as SEO for your website.

Detailed steps on how to send your post

Pick a suitable topic, such as travel, food, beauty, and so on.

Think over about the idea and then start writing.

A blog post should contain at least 600 words in length.

Besides, attach your information for about 30 – 60 words.

All writings must be sent to my email richard@mygreenerylife.com

We will publish your writing ASAP if it meets all our requirements.

Since we receive hundreds of submissions each week, please be patient.

Main categories are available on wewillinspire.com

  • Guest Post or Write for us On Beauty
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Love
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Travel
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Fashion
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Food
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Home Improvement
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Gardening
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Pet Care
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Pest Control
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Tech
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Business
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Health
  • Guest Post or Write for us On Fitness


What is a standard blog post on your website?

Firstly, it must be unique. It means we have never published it before. Secondly, your post should be written accordingly to our writing style and format. Finally, recheck your content to make sure that it is intensive and informative.

Can I send you the article ideas?

Of course, but it will be better if show your thoughts or opinions in a complete writing. We always welcome your exciting blog posts.

How can I format my article?

Refer to our blog posts to find out how-to-write. We believe that they are entirely useful to you.

Should you have any questions about us, don’t hesitate to leave your comments or text us via email. We look forward to your contribution so that you can help to grow our website quickly.