What Color Shoes To Wear With Plum Dress?

We admit that plum dresses are beautiful. However, it is not easy to find color shoes that match with this type of item. Due to this reason, many girls, probably you as well, often struggle to find what color shoes to wear with plum dress.

But do not worry too much, because we will give you some useful tips to choose the color shoes below. Following these tips, you will definitely look gorgeous in the purple dress no matter where you go.

What color shoes to wear with plum dress?

Black shoes

It can be said that black is the safest choice for almost any type of outfit. A pair of black shoes can combine with many different colors and make you look attractive and stand out in your plum dress.

Black shoes are often suitable for luxurious events such as weddings or major national holidays. Of course, it is undeniable that they also have a serious, professional look when being worn to work.

However, be aware that black can also darken your skin. Therefore, if your skirt has a slight purple tone, choose black shoes with better luminosity.

In addition, you can also combine accessories of the same color, such as a black belt, earrings, or a black jacket. You will be surprised by your brand-new and trendy appearance.

Purple shoes

You have a splitting headache thinking about what color shoes to wear with plum dress? We recommend you choose accessories of the same color. This is the easiest way to combine everything perfectly.

However, you should also take note of a few things:

  • Your shoes and dress should match with each other in terms of tone, material, and shine.
  • If your shoes and dress differ 1 to 2 degrees in tone, do not wear them. This makes you cluttered and overly matched.
  • If your dresses are significantly lighter or darker than your shoes, wear them. It gives you a reasonable overall look and has moderate contrast. Remember, dark shoes with light dress is formal, while a combination of light-colored shoes and a dark dress is casual.
  • If your shoes and dress have the same color but different materials, you should think twice before deciding to wear them. Depending on the type of outfit as well as the material, the final decision is up to you.

Gold shoes

When gold colour is mentioned, we will often think of solemn and regal. Indeed, most metallic shades give a feminine elegance, and do not worry, purple goes well with this color.

All you need to do right now is to choose the right shoe style for the occasion and the weather.

For example, you can use simple and stringed sandals in combination with plum dresses on hot summer days. This gives you a youthful look as well as elegance.

On the other hand, you can use bling-covered gold pumps along with a long evening gown to show off your power and seduction. Remember not to do the opposite if you do not want to be the center of attention.

Silver shoes

As mentioned above, purple matches any metallic color. Silver shoes and purple dresses are the perfect combination for luxury parties or elegant celebrations.

However, you need to be aware of this formula. Light purple dresses tend to match dark charcoal. Meanwhile, a dark purple dress should be used with bright silver shoes. This contrast will help the two colors compliment each other wonderfully.

White shoes

White shoes are also a favorite option for many people to wear with plum dresses. But keep in mind that this color is only suitable with light purple (lilac, periwinkle).

Because the white is too bright, you should avoid matching them with your clothes that have dark purple colors such as wine, eggplant, magenta, etc. Otherwise, the shoe color and the dark purple of your dresses will stand apart, as the brightness of each is opposite to the other’s.

Brown shoes

In many cases, brown can be a very supportive color for the purple dress. In fact, this color is super flexible. So if you are about to go to luxury places, choosing the brown will be a good idea. Or even if you need an option to take part in a party or go down the street, you can trust the brown to make you look fabulous!

However, we want you to note one thing that the brown only works inversely. In other words, a dark brown matches with light purple, and a light brown should come along with a dark color.


After reading this article, we hope that you are able to decide what color shoes to wear with plum dress.

Remember that colors do not matter! The key to look gorgeous is how you match them with your purple dress!

That is all we want to tell you in today’s article. Thanks for reading, and see you at the next posts!

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