What Are The Drawbacks To Solar Tube Lighting? Is This A Good Choice

The solar tube lighting sounds like a good solution for your electricity bill undeniably. However, there remain some disadvantages which will make you reconsider whether to utilize it or not. We will help you find out the answer for this question throughout this post of “What are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting?”

What Is The Solar Tube light?

The solar tube light is a pipe with a size from 10 to 22 dm; it runs through the house’s roof and uses solar energy as the light source inside your home.

People often use solar tube lighting in gardens and picnics, as it is water-resistant and mainly functions based on sunlight.

What Are Drawbacks Of Solar Tube Lighting?

Solar tube lighting is well-known for its environment-friendly feature, energy efficiency, and quick installation. However, the light tube also has some significant disadvantages that you need to take into serious consideration.

We will outline some weaknesses of this tool and other related information in this post of “What are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting?”

#1. Require Bigger Space

Solar tube lights need to be installed in an ample space, as it takes more available space than regular tube lightning.

More specifically, A standard tube lighting size is only from ⅝” diameter to 1 ½” diameter. In contrast, the solar tube lighting size is from 10 inch-diameter to 14 inch-diameter.

The sun tunnel might not be suitable for all house types, as the numbers of apartments in urban areas are small.

If you live in a tiny house or apartment, you need to consider this reason for “What are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting?”

#2. Take Energy From Only One Source

The function of the solar tube lighting is heavily dependent on the weather factor. In detail, sunlight is the only energy source that enables the solar tube lighting to function correctly. This means that the sun tunnel won’t operate well on bad weather days due to sunlight.

You will also have less control of light in your room when using a sun tunnel than other typical lights. Besides, solar tube lighting’s model is not as versatile and stylish as other kinds.

This downside aspect is included in every answer to the question of “What are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting?”

#3. Take High Cost

 Although solar tube lighting is environment-friendly and more money-saving than other light types, many people still choose to purchase the other one.

More specifically, the price to install solar-powered products always cost higher than other typical light equipment. Due to this reason, the majority of people will prefer to use conventional tube lights to solar tube lights.

Keep reading to see other factors in “What are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting?”

#4. Not Suitable For All Kinds Of Home

The ideal slope of the tops for solar tube installation is from 15 to 60 degrees. Stepped roof like A-frame, it is not suitable to install the solar tube lighting. Similarly, you will need to find out the most appropriate type of tubular skylights if your roof is a flat one.

Producers designed solar tube kits for roofs with wood or asphalt because they are the most suitable materials. If your roof is made of other materials, you will need an adapter.

Comparing Solar Tube Lighting With Skylight

Compared with the skylight, the installation of the solar tube lighting is simpler than the other one. The skylight requires more carpentry work, which takes many days to complete, while the sun tunnel only takes about 2 to 5 hours.

The solar tube lighting is also more affordable than the skylight. However,  the price of a full set of solar tube lighting costs more than a complete set of skylights.

On the other hand, the skylight will make your house hotter as some types of skylights do not support the sunblock feature.


Like anything else, solar tube lightings have advantages and disadvantages. Take note of some vital downside aspects of the sun tunnel, such as space requirement, one source of energy, high install cost, and roof issue.

Similarly, You need to carefully consider the price, time, and effort when installing a solar tube lighting. Ensure that you make a smart decision based on each lighting equipment’s weakness and strength before purchase.

We hope that this article of what are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting is helpful for you.

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