How Long Do Oranges Last?- How To Storage Orange Correctly

Are you finding the answer to the question of“How long do oranges last?” We will provide the answer you are looking for and other related information about keeping fresh oranges longer. Let’s take a look at this post!

How Long Do Oranges Last?

The answer to the question of “How long do oranges last” is unclear, as the shelf life of fresh oranges is variable, unlike processed foods with specific expiry dates. More specifically, the freshness and storage condition of the oranges will decide how long they will last.

In Your Fridge

First of all, keeping your fruit and food in the refrigerator is one of the simplest ways to prolong their shelf life.

Remember to put the oranges in the fridge after bringing them home, as your oranges will be fresh from three weeks to two months by doing this. In contrast, the oranges’ freshness will only last for a shorter period if you leave them on the table for days before putting them in the fridge.

Room Temperature

You can prolong your oranges’ freshness up to three weeks by storing them at room temperature. However, higher room temperature in the summer can make the oranges go bad.

Ensure that you finish the oranges within two days after cutting them, as the fruit will lose its taste and become dry if you leave them outside for too long.

How To Prolong Your Oranges Shelf Life?

In this part, we will move to another question: “What should you do to extend your oranges ‘ shelf life?”

Although you can prolong the freshness of oranges by storing them at room temperature, however, oranges can not last very long at room temperature like most fresh fruit. The easiest way to keep the fruit last longer is to put them in the fridge.

You should wipe your oranges dry to remove all outside dust and moisture. Similarly, wrap the oranges in parchment paper or put them in a container before storing in the fridge.

This process will help to prevent your oranges from moisture and contaminants. Therefore, you can have your fresh oranges for a more extended period without wasting them.

You also need to check your oranges periodically to get rid of rotten oranges. In detail, make sure to get rid of rotten orange from your orange drawer as it can spoil the others.

On the other hand, you can preserve your oranges in syrup. The process is very simple, as you only need to cut the oranges in slices and put them in a jar with sugar. Now you will have a pot of orange syrup served as drinks and desserts.

5 Tips For Storing Oranges

Last but not least, the question “how long do oranges last?” will not bother you anymore as we’ve got you five quick tips to store oranges effectively. Let’s check them out!

Tip #1: Checking Oranges Ripeness

Be aware that over-ripened oranges will deteriorate quickly, but unripened oranges do not contain proper nutrients and flavors. Therefore, you should only choose properly ripened oranges if you want your orange to last longer.

Tip #2: Buying Fresh Oranges

You might want to consider these features to choose fresh oranges: Smooth, full-colored, firm, and thin-skinned. Similarly, make sure that the oranges do not have any bruises or any signs of mold.

You can also check out fresh oranges at nearby farmer markets as they often supply fruit straight from the farms.

Tip #3: Keeping Oranges Dry

You can wash your orange’s skin clean before putting them in storage; make sure to wipe them dry as moistness and water on oranges’ skin can cause mold.

Tip #4: Wrapping Your Oranges

It is a good idea to store your oranges in wrapping paper or cardboard boxes. Be aware not to wrap the oranges in plastic bags, as this type of bag can create conditions of growth for bacteria.

Tip #5: Do Not Place Oranges Near Other Food

Oranges are similar to other types of citrus; they can quickly deteriorate under external components’ influence. Therefore, you should store your oranges separately from other foods.

In Short,

How long do oranges last? There is no exact answer to this question as the fruit’s shelf life depends on freshness and storing conditions. However, it is possible to prolong the freshness of oranges according to the listed notes in this post:  Storage in the fridge, at room temperature, keep oranges dry and wrap them correctly. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and see you in the next post!

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