How To Get Rid Of June Bugs In Your Garden?

June Bugs species are considered scarab beetles. All of them appear in the garden from late spring to early summer. These insects are harmful to plants and natural landscapes.

June Bugs live underground around your garden and eat root grass. When they are adults, they can even eat vegetable plants, leaves of trees, etc. To know how to get rid of June bugs, please dive deeper into these steps, keep reading our article.

How To Get Rid Of June Bugs

The adult bugs usually eat leaves trees, and mostly they are keen on roses. They usually leave huge holes in the leaf

On the other hand, their larval form is called Grubs, which is one of the most harmful larval.

Luckily, when you have determined the problems, you can eradicate both grubs and adult bugs following the steps below.

1.     Remove the Grubs bugs

           1.1 Using insecticide

To remove Grubs bugs, the first method we should apply is using insecticide. You can have a look at some quality products on the web page like Amazon, etc.

Many insecticides are made from neem oil, killing many kinds of larvae, but it is still safe for advantageous insects such as ladybirds and bees. If the neem oil is not sufficient, you can try another powerful insecticide that is more pesticide and toxic.

           1.2 Do not cut your grass too low

The best way to discourage June bugs is don’t mow your grass too low because the female insects will lay eggs in short grass. Hold on your grass at least 4 inches during early spring and mid-summer seasons.

           1.3 Let nematodes fight your battle

If these steps above can not take out Grubs bugs, you can refer to using nematodes. Nematodes, which are called microscopic worms, have a substantial effect on attacking and removing pets in your garden. You can purchase nematodes in an online store or a vast garden. After buying, you need to follow this specific direction: Mix nematodes with water, then spray your impact area. Just wait a minute, and these worms will uphold action.

2.      Prevent Damage From Adult Bugs                            

 2.1 Catch by hand

Catch by hand is one of the most comfortable ways to remove adult bugs. Firstly, make sure that you have prepared gloves before you hunt bugs by hand. These bugs tend to move gently, so it is quite simple to eradicate adult bugs.

Secondly, you need to pluck the bugs out of the shrubs. After that, you can drop those nasty bugs into the soapy water bottle to kill them.

Be careful! Although they do not bite you, some insects with shark legs can hurt you.

 2.2 Set a trap

To protect your garden, we will provide you another method to prevent June Bugs. You should try to set a trap that can attract these insects.

You need to prepare some appliances, such as an empty bottle or a vast jar, molasses, and hot water in the first step.

Second, pour two tablespoons of molasses into the bottle, and sum a half cup of hot water. After that, close the lid and shake.

Put the bottle in the ground near the other plant that June bugs love. We just leave the jar’s neck above the ground. Checking the trap is the typical way in the morning. Fill the mixture as necessary.

Lastly, removing these June bugs are drowned.             

 2.3 Use the natural or commercial insecticide

You can kill the June bugs with natural and homemade insecticides. This is a safe way to protect the environment. The ingredients include cloves, garlic, garlic oil,  mineral oil, soap, and water.

Mix a tablespoon of mineral oil with five cloves of garlic, and then let the mixture overnight. After that, filter out the garlic part, add more garlic oil into a liter of water, then mix the soap’s liquid. Put a three-tablespoon mixture into the spray bottle with full water, and spray your impact area.

If the method with natural insecticide is not successful, you have to use the commercial chemical product. You can refer to the visit webpage on Amazon.

However,  these products are usually harmful to beneficial insects, and even they can die. You should consider and try the natural method first before you use commercial insecticide.  


June is a sweet month of the year. However, this is also a terrible time for your lovely garden due to the insects’ development, especially June Bugs – the most notorious. We hope this article has provided you with the necessary information, tips, and guidance on how to get rid of June Bugs. Thank you for reading!

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