If you love her, don’t destroy her – Journey to a healthy relationship

When The Fling Gradually Fades

You met your perfect girlfriend on a rainy day beside the bar. She was completely your type. The silky black dress embraces every curve on her body, her lovely smile, and her sense of humor is staggeringly everything you have ever asked for.

You felt like you can never get enough of her, and thought that this newly ignited relationship would last forever. But gradually, all the passion goes away. You know you love her but can’t stop noticing the new flaws that have never existed before.

Before you mess the whole thing up, try reading this blog through. If you love her, don’t destroy her and all the beautiful memories you had!

If You Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her – Journey To A Healthy Relationship

Accept Her For The Way She Is

Let’s clear something up at the first start. Everybody has flaws, so does your seem-to-be-perfect girlfriend. You just somehow choose to pass all of that due to the halo effect.

You chose to notice her flawless body but failed to notice she is a vegetarian, which is completely absurd to a meat-eater like you. You decided to see all the fun debates on the first dates but forget that she could sometimes be quite competitive.

It could be her craving for cuddling every time you are away or the hectic life she has that occasionally makes her miss your texts. It’s just like how you fail to listen to things around when busy daydreaming or the extreme incompetence to do art.

You need to accept that she is a human being, just like you. And having a few imperfections is totally normal (if you aren’t planning to fall in love with a robot). Accept your loved ones for who she is the first step to develop the relationship on the next level.

This step would demand you to reflect on yourself and dig deeper into your relationship. When you’ve finally done, let’s move to the talking!

It’s All About Finding A Way To Communicate

Communicating is an essential part of a long-lasting relationship. When you have seen the relationship clearly and found something you would really wish to change, talk to your girl.

Most girls would feel welcomed and appreciated when you open an in-depth conversation because she knows that it is tough, and it shows your great effort to improve the love between you two.

Tell her that sometimes you would need some space for yourself, and you would come back for her a few hours later and even love her more for respecting your privacy. Tell her that you want to hang out with your guys without too much interrupting and hope she will have the same with her friends.

With a direct and sincere attitude, both of you can solve many untold problems and many misunderstandings about each other. From that, you guys can gradually work it out and start to build a healthy love life together.

You should keep doing every once in a while to detox all the bads and improve the great things in your relationship. That’s how you keep loving her and let your girls express the feelings for you.

Expect For The Better Version Of Herself

After the talking, now is the time to wait for the changes. But let’s not rush into expecting the new perfect girlfriend from nowhere. Instead, you should put your hope into a better version of herself.

You should encourage and recognize her for any progress she made through the time. After all, sweet talk always works. Girls like compliments, remember that! Also, try to do those new things with her too so that both of you can improve yourselves.

Invite her to do the gym with you or drive her to a girl’s night before going out for drinks with the guys. If you are patient enough to support and wait for her to be better, her love for you will grow bigger and bigger day by day.


Falling in love is always easy, but staying in it is the hard part that requires your time and effort. Most boys skip the hard part to come back with the easy one. But men are the ones who accept the challenges.

Challenges always come with great rewards but only for who deserves the price. Once you manage to get past all of that, a healthy, happy, long-lasting relationship awaits. So if you love her, don’t destroy her! Show her what she deserves, and she will give you the world.

Good luck on your journey!

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