Do Men Regret Losing A Good Woman? – 5 Signs To Know

Do men regret losing a good woman?

That is a frequent question that almost every woman usually wonders herself after ending a romantic relationship.

That is because knowing that your ex is regretful can ease the pain and anger you have been struggling with when your loved one went away.

So, how to recognize when that moment comes? Stay with me to discover 5 signs when he feels sorry for letting you go.

Do Men Regret Losing A Good Woman? – 5 Signs He Does

He has suspicious posts.

You might notice that he updates his statuses more often than he used to, and almost all of his posts indicate that he is having the best time ever.

The harsh reality is that he might not have a good time. Maybe, he just pretends to be happy so that you and everybody else would think that he has gotten over the breakup and greatly enjoyed his current life.

So, the next time you snoop on his profile, leave your emotions or comments behind because he is aiming right at them.

He texts or calls you more often.

Although the breakup, he still wants to maintain the friendship, and he tries to text or call you more often. This can be interpreted in two ways.

Firstly, maybe he no longer has any romantic feelings yet he still wants to stay friends and take good care of you. Secondly, he may truly regret his decision and want to get back to you.

So, how to know which his intentions are?

Well, pay attention to the time he contacts you. If he texts you only after a couple of days after the breakup, he is probably feeling guilty instead of regretting.

Besides, look at his behaviors, such as his voice, his way of texting, to see if he still loves you and wants to have more information about you.

He contacts your friends to update your information.

If he regrets letting you go, he will want to know all kinds of your information. However, he does not want you to know that he cares about that much.

That is why he might contact mutual friends to check out your current information, for instance, how you are doing when he is not standing by your side.

If you notice any sign that he is suspiciously close to your friends, you might have a correct assumption about your ex.

He does thoughtful things for you.

Love is caring for each other, even when you two are separated. Thus, if your ex is still in love with you, he would do thoughtful things for you, especially when you are tackling a problem.

For instance, he might buy you some of your favorite food to cheer you up after a terrible day. In case he recognizes that you feel shy to receive anything from him, he would ask your friends to send them to you.

He tries to meet you and reminds you about the old days.

The last yet clearest sign to recognize that your ex regrets losing you is that he tries to meet you and reminds you about the good time you guys have been sharing.

He would have different plans to appear around you accidentally. He would also try to take you home because he wants to have more time communicating with you.

Maybe, he will confess his feelings when he lets you go. How regretful he is about the hasty decision he made. How empty his life is without your love. He will do everything he can to have you back to him.

How Long Does It Take For The Guy To Realize What He Has Lost?

Do men regret losing a good woman? – Yes, they might, and you can recognize them by checking out the signs mentioned above. But when does the moment of regretting come?

Well, guys only realize what they lost when they finally slow down and look back on the journey you guys have shared.

Sometimes, that regretful moment comes quite quickly, and he recognizes how much he loves you. Thus, he will work his best for a second chance to begin again with you.

However, sometimes, the moment of regretting will never come as he knows that breakup is the end of your love journey. It would be better to move on to the future rather than lamenting about what has gone.

Wrapping Up

Here are the hints indicating that your ex feels for letting you go. However, it is difficult to know when regretting will come as it varies depending on many factors.

So, instead of keeping wondering, “Do men regret losing a good woman?” and waiting for your ex to come back, let’s spend time healing your broken heart and moving forward.

I wish all the best things will come to you on the upcoming journey.

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