Taking a newborn to the beach – useful tips for you

Many families choose to go to the beach for the summer holidays, but for families with a newborn, they should prepare carefully to ensure the baby’s health and safety. You want to go to the beach with your baby but worry about taking a newborn to the beach.

To help your family have a memorable and safe trip, here are some notes that parents should not ignore. Let’s find out and get yourself the best tips.

Taking a newborn to the beach-useful tips for you

Make a list

A successful trip usually starts with a well-stocked checklist of essential items to carry. With this list, you can save a lot of preparation time, like packing your luggage, and assure that you won’t forget necessary items such as suitable baby swimwear, diapers, hats, undershirts.

An item list will help you organize everything quickly and neatly, and prevent you from putting things you don’t need in your suitcase.

Use a baby carrier

The stroller gives your baby a space for himself to play freely and safelyduring the trips. With a stroller, the baby can comfortably explore the outside world, promoting his/her curiosity and developing the brain. Moreover, the beach is the right place for your baby to enjoy the natural atmosphere, which is useful for his mental development.

For mothers, having a stroller for children will free their hands to do what they want. Imagine how busy you are when paying all your attention to your vulnerable newborn without the help of a stroller.

Today’s stroller is also equipped with many convenient features, such as a storage basket or baby food tray. Thus, it will be very fortunateto have a baby carrier as a companion.

Dress the baby in proper clothing.

It will be uncomfortable for your baby to wear a thick shirt and body tightness on hot days. Therefore, when you’re preparing clothes for your child, do not miss the following notes:

  • Choose soft and breathable materials

Your baby often sweats badly, especially under the heat of the sun. These materials will help absorb the sweat and keep your baby cool.

  • Avoid skin irritants

The clothing labels behind the neckline can irritate the skin of a child. To avoid this, remove the clothing labels and discard them.

  • Choose clothes that are easy to change.

A newborn should be changing clothes several times a day because he often spits up or gets bedwetting. Therefore, parents should choose easy-to-replace garments for the baby. Zipper dresses are the right choice because you can comfortably dress your baby without a hassle.

  • Be careful with small things attached to the clothes.

Clothing for summer is very colorful, and some items are tagged on to make them more eye-catching. For example, your baby is curious about the ribbons attached to the shirt, and he may chew to check the ribbons’ taste!

However, the decorations may be filled with glitter, beads, or other inedible items. If not paying attention, the child can swallow them by accident. So, before dressing up your child, check what’s left on his outfits.

Bring along an umbrella

Always bring an umbrella along because sudden rains on the beach are quite common.

What’s more, using an umbrella will help you avoid considerable negative impacts on the body rather than wearing just a hat, especially useful for kids prone to heatstroke. So, don’t forget to bring a spare umbrella.

Bring a towel

Many people mistakenly think that towels are less effective while lying on the beach. However, it has proven the opposite.

A thin, brightly colored towel wrapped around the body will keep your little one dry and warm, and avoid catching a cold from soaking in water for too long.

Stay hydrated

You need to stay hydrated when sitting all day on the beach. If you are breastfeeding, it is more critical to get enough water for your body to have enough milk for your baby.

Hence, always keep yourself well hydrated so you and your baby are in the best condition to enjoy the outing. In case you do not have any water bottle with you, you can eat succulent foods like strawberries, watermelon, or spinach.

Final words

Hopefully, through this article, you have picked up some interesting advice to prepare your luggage on the upcoming beach trip.

We wish you and your baby will have a happy and memorable time together. Are you thinking of taking a newborn to the beach with these useful tips for you? Let’s comment down below and share your thought with us!

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