You Need To Activate Windows Before You Can Personalize Your PC

When there is any fault on the computer, we will follow the instructions of the computer network. However, in case you encounter the problem: “You need to activate windows before you can personalize your PC”, it seems not a good choice to follow this way. Keep scrolling through our article to see what you need to do!

Why Do You Need To Activate Windows Before You Can Personalize Your PC?

For those who are trying to personalize your PC but receive a  notification: “You need to activate windows before you can personalize your PC.”, they may ask themselves where this fault comes from.

Honestly, the Microsoft company released Windows 10 with some functions that the unofficial version cannot have. In this case, personalization is a typical example to name. The network will automatically require you to activate the real version to change the personalizing of your computer.

However, some people say that they could still change the screen picture without any activation required. A good explanation for this is that they are on the free trial period of the product service as Microsoft allows users to try on their product in a limited time. Thus, when this service expires, you will get that fault like many other people.

How To Personalize Your PC Without Window Activation

Do you need to activate windows before you can personalize your PC? Besides this method, the simple and straightforward way we would like to show you here is personalizing Windows by using the function registries.

Modifying the background

This step is perhaps the simplest one as you don’t have to put much effort. Also, there is no need for any registry tweaks. Just take a few seconds to search on the Internet for wallpaper and download it. Afterward, click on the option “set as background” and you are done.

Unfortunately, it is a bit hard to move to the art gallery by using the registry. However, if your computer is already Windows 8, you need to make the custom theme with some pictures for your slideshow. Next, send it and wait for Windows 10 to load.

Change the Taskbar color

Normally, the taskbar doesn’t set the color accent automatically from the picture gallery. Instead, to grab a color accent, you need to change the registry. Let’s do the following steps :

Step #1: Click Win plus letter R to start the run service.

Step #2: For opening the Registry Editor, you must note the word Regedit.

Step #3:  Move to the location:


Step #4:

After selecting the personalized folder you want, double-click on the Color Prevalence button and update the Value Data fields into 1.

Step #5: Navigate to this site: hkey_current_user then control panel and desktop.

Step #6: Select the user desktop directory. Remember not to extend the desktop catalog.

Step #7: Click twice on the Auto Colorization button on the right of your panel. Again, modify the value data field into 1.

Step #8: Finally, you need to close the Window registry editor and then restart the file explorer to make sure that it updates all changes you have made. 

Toggle the Start menu or screen

Here are the final steps for you to check the result:

Step #1: Press Win plus letter S to launch the search or directly choose the “search” button on the toolbar on the screen.

Step #2: Before reaching the outcome, you’d better visit Tablet Mode Settings.

Step #3: Open the option and your windows will become easier to touch.

When enhancing the desktop like that, it means that you have made various customization for your computer. However, from now on, you will not have to activate colored heading lines, alter the selection color, or anything like that because the background has been set as default due to your requirement in the forward steps.

How To Stimulate The Official Windows 10 For Your PC

Without activation, we could still personalize your PC with the trick above. However, there are still some existing limitations. Your range of picture choice reduces to just a limited number. As a result, to get a better service, you could buy a full-fledged license to activate Windows 10 by some steps below.

Step #1. Visit Settings

Step #2. Choose Update & Security

Step #3. Go to  Activation

Step #4. Choose the option Go to Store

The Windows Store will then give you a wide range of choices with a different version for Windows 10. Unlock a version and activate it for your PC.

Finally, choose whatever methods available on the app and set up the official Windows 10 for your computer.


You need to activate Windows before you can personalize your PC, is it true? With the straightforward instruction above, we bet that you have known the answer. You could choose between either through registry or activate the official Windows version and get the greatest picture for your computer personalization.

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