Health Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar for You

Blackstrap Molasses is a byproduct of sugar cane’s refining progress. After three times boiling sugar can, it creates a sticky liquid with dark color, which explains why its name is Blackstrap Molasses.

Apple Cider Vinegar, on the other hand, is made with fresh apples, sugar, and water. After two months of storage, the mixture will gain an acidic taste thanks to the bacteria’s help.

Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar both can profit your health, especially for women.

Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar

Blackstrap Molasses

1.     Improves Bones

We all know that calcium is an essential substance for our body as it makes bones stronger and maintains other functions. However, not many people know it is more important to balance calcium and magnesium in body health.

In fact, magnesium not only helps grow bones but also has an anti-aging effect and other uses.

Luckily, blackstrap molasses contain both of these abundant nutritions.

Science proof shows that one tablespoon of black molasses is equal to eight percent of calcium and ten percent of magnesium needed daily.

We recommend you keep your level of magnesium high. It is a great way to prevent osteoporosis in women and other diseases like asthma.

2.     Helps with Blood Problems

Blood-related diseases and problems come from various reasons. Take menstrual and anemia as our examples.

We could say iron deficiency is the most common cause of both anemia and menstrual. These problems can be improved by increasing the iron in the daily meal.

With twenty percent of the daily value of iron in each tablespoon, blackstrap molasses is such a rich and potential supplement of iron.

3.     Good Potassium Source

Whether you work out or have a job that requires muscle strength, your muscle will reach a point where it can no longer stretch.

That issue is called muscle tension or muscle cramp. To prevent that, you must provide your body with more potassium.

In some blackstrap molasses products, a tablespoon can have up to three-hundred milligrams of potassium. It is like eating half a banana without actually eating it.

Plus, it can help people with hypertension by lowering blood pressure. Potassium also reduces the risk of stroke for many people having a heart problem, managing fluid retention.

Wait! That’s not all! Let me tell you a secret about blackstrap molasses as well as apple cider vinegar.

Little do you know that vitamin B6 is available in both products? It’s the reason why scientists add up the value for these ones.

Apple Cider Vinegar

1.     Helps Lose Weight

Blackstrap Molasses or Apple Cider Vinegar has the ability to keep you on a diet, but here’s how apple cider vinegar works.

By making you feel full faster, you will eat less. That means you will consume fewer calories but still have enough energy throughout the day.

In fact, there are only three calories in a tablespoon, such a minor amount that would aid your weight loss.

2.     Reduces Blood Sugar and Manages Type 2 Diabetes

When your body consumes a large amount of sugar in a period of time, it can spike your blood sugar and increase your heart rate.

Your body will not react to insulin hormone as it normally does and forms type 2 diabetes.

The best way to prevent type 2 diabetes is to avoid high-sugar food and refined carb. Apple cider vinegar can be another beneficial ingredient to do that.

It has two major effects: reducing blood sugar after eating and increasing your insulin sensitivity.

From there, it will help keep your blood sugar at an average level and keep you safe from type 2 diabetes.

If you are attempting to reduce your sugar intake, try mixing apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses to make a salad dressing. It sounds cool, right?

3.     Rebalances Your Skin’s pH

Apple cider vinegar is a traditional remedy in West Europe used to treat skin conditions like dry skin or eczema.

This vinegar happens to contain four to eight percent of the acid acetic, which is able to kill several harmful bacteria.

Apple cider vinegar can prevent skin infections related to eczema and others. However, it is just a theory, the scientists need to do more research about it.

Overall, apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses are two supportive food-supplements.

They share the same minerals contents, so our advice for you is to use both as they can improve your health.


Blackstrap molasses and apple cider vinegar are beneficial, right? Well, with all the useful information above, both are perfect for you to use in moderation.

The last word, we sincerely hope our post will help you profit from these two products. Thank you for reading the post.

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