Which Of The Following Is Not True About Storage Body Fat?

Due to the busy modern lifestyles of these days, the consumption of fast foods high in fat and calories is strongly increasing. As a result, being overweight has many negative impacts on people’s health.

Therefore, many people are looking to improve this problem but get caught up in unnecessary mistakes. Which of the following is not true about storage body fat?

Which Of The Following Is Not True About Storage Body Fat?

You may have wondered why you still cannot lose fat, or your fat loss is not sufficient as you expected. The reason may be that you have not been fully aware of how your body works.

Fat Can Be Burned Thanks To External Heat

This is not true. Our body fat has a unique mechanism of action and it is not easily affected by heat in the outside environment. To reduce the body’s amount of fat, you must perform two parallel processes: using stored fat and limiting energy to go into the body.

The release of fat begins with brain signals. When the body needs to use its stored energy, the brain sends signals. At that time, fat will be released for life along with fatty acids into the bloodstream.

The fat stored in these fat cells ends; they become empty fat cells. Consequently, our bodies will use energy directly from food, not prioritize holding them.

Just Not Eating Fat Can Reduce Body Fat

This might be a popular myth of many people. If we altogether remove fat from the body, we are susceptible to digestive disorders first. The hormones system is also disturbed and leads to diseases of the sound endocrine system in the body. That is also a cause of fat storage, overweight of the body.

Also, removing fat without reducing the number of carbs and calories the body consumes will not help lose fat. In addition to storing fat found in food, our bodies also use carbohydrates to form stored fat. Excess carbs in the body will be converted into muscle glycogen, or they will be sent to the liver to create fat storage for the body.

So, to effectively lose fat, we need to establish a balanced diet between the groups of substances: starches, fats, and proteins. We can choose from sources of healthy fats like fish fat, avocado, and olive oil. The balance between these groups of substances helps you lose weight and contributes to improving health and combating cardiovascular diseases.

Fasting Is The Fastest Way To Lose Fat.

This is not true! The amount of initial weight you lose comes from the amount of water stored in the body. When we are fasting, we are giving our bodies a signal. It makes our bodies mistakenly think that our bodies are in a state of survival. At this moment, our metabolism is slowed down. At the same time, our bodies will now prioritize storing the loaded energy sources overusing them.

As a result, excess fat is not reduced, and our weight loss is less effective.

In addition, when we fast, we also lose some muscle mass. You need to know that the body’s muscles play a vital role in speeding up metabolism, helping the body use energy more efficiently.

Reducing the amount of power in the body will make it easier for our body to store fat, and as a result, the proportion of body fat will not change. Hence, the main goal of losing weight is often gaining muscle and losing fat.

Another reason that nutritionists never encourage fasting to lose fat is its negative effects on mental health. When we fast, we quickly get into a state of tension and a temper. So instead of fasting, let’s break up our meals to help you control your food intake and keep you from getting tired in the process.

Functional Foods Will Help You Lose Fat Effectively

The answer is no. Absolutely not! Supplements are often exaggerated in terms of function and use. You need to know that the body is a very complex system and tightly controls what is added to the body. It is almost impossible to study specifically the effects of nutritional supplements on our own. Then, do not expect too much on the impact of weight loss pills. Instead, start making changes to your lifestyle and diet to lose fat and enjoy better health.


The accumulation of excess fat in the body will quickly lead to health problems such as overweight and atherosclerosis. Therefore, we need to know the body’s mechanisms for fat absorption, storage, and loss. Through the article “Which of the following is not true about storage body fat?”, we hope to help you understand deeply and lose fat more effectively.

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