What’s Wrong With Camping On The Sahara Desert?

There are a lot of alerts from experienced campers, who try to persuade us about dangers while camping on the Sahara desert. Some people said it would be the most uncomfortable trip you had ever had. Why is that?

What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert?

Let’s check some challenges that make camping on the Sahara desert harsh and difficult for us.

A fascinating discovery – an alarming journey

The Sahara desert is a fascinating place to camp for campers around the world. Besides, you may see many images of the milky way above the Sahara desert somewhere on the Internet. Thus, you always dream of camping on the Sahara and having a priceless experience in your life.

On the Sahara, glamping (glamorous camping) is available for those who want to have an expensive trip. It also has some native tour guides to make travelers localize in an unfamiliar country.

Specialty food, milky way, and camel’s trek are always the main features that attract people to visit the Sahara desert.

But I will reveal some facts below to help you to have another view about camping on the Sahara desert. It’s not as glorious as depicted in films you used to watch on Netflix. It’s more like naked truths that no one is willing to tell you.

These facts below won’t be too harsh to prevent you from camping on the Sahara desert. But, it will give you a second thought.

Don’t be concerned! I won’t interfere with your plan. However, I will show a clear view of camping on the Sahara desert.

What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert

Some shocking facts below will surprise you. Stay tuned and keep reading my words!

Sahara desert’s harsh climate

The Sahara is the hottest desert in the world, also one of the harshest climates. Believe it or not, the Sahara reached 58 degrees Celsius which is the hottest temperature ever recorded.

However, the lowest temperature of the Sahara desert is about -6 Celsius Degrees. Are you surprised? The heat of the Sahara declines dramatically at night because of the lack of humidity.

If you couldn’t quickly adapt to a sudden change of climate, going for this trip is like forcing yourself to suffer from hardship.

Getting lost

In 2019, an Australian woman got lost on the Sahara Desert. Fortunately, she knew how to send an SOS signal to aircraft by writing clearly on the sand.

But it’s just the minority. How many people would escape from the deserted land in a shortage of essentials? If you’re smart or trained for survival emergency solutions, you MAY handle that situation.

The desert is vast! It’s almost the same size as China. You don’t want to get lost in this immense desert, do you? Trust me! It’s hopeless if you’re stuck in the Sahara desert.

Be prepared or having an experienced leader during camping

The Sahara desert is the world’s harshest land that normal people can’t easily discover for the first time. Unlike other camping places, if this is the first time you travel to this place, you have to find an experienced leader for your team.

A local leader is the most recommended tour guide for unfamiliar campers. He knows all about the climate, wild animals, locations, and how to live well in the Sahara desert.

The biggest con of finding a leader is you don’t know him/her well. There may be insecure information that you must clarify before believing in them.

Unplug from technology

For people who are social mediaholic, this place isn’t for you. But if you’re patient, you will take a lot of pictures there to post on your blog when you come back downtown.

There is no wifi, 3G or 4G, and the weak phone signal. You may not contact your buddy to tell her about your interesting camping for a few days. You can’t instantly post on your Facebook whenever you’ve just captured a picturesque scenery image.

For further solutions, you can ask for a SIM card that is best for international travel.

Freshwater restriction

Maybe you have missed this fact, mainly saltwater is available in the Sahara desert. There is only freshwater in the fugazi pond.

The high temperature easily makes you thirsty. Hence, you have to know how to drink the right way and store freshwater.


Sandstorm is one of the natural disasters that you only watch on TV. But on the Sahara, you won’t predict whenever sandstorms will take place because this desert is vast, even the locals can’t predict exactly where it will happen.


After reading this article, I hope you will have a clear view of the challenges on the Sahara, and “What’s wrong with camping on the Sahara desert” won’t be a mystery to you anymore.

Let’s make your own decision after having another perspective of Sahara. Whatever decision you make, I hope you will find happiness in your choice.

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