Best Time To Visit Cartagena You Should Know

When coming to Cartagena, what does this place remind you of? For me, it’s the long-standing history, fantastic cultural festivals, together with multiple homestay choices for holidays, and many more! How about you?

What about taking a trip to Cartagena? It must be so memorable and exciting! Therefore, it is a must to consider the city weather patterns so that you can decide the best time to visit Cartagena.

Weather In Cartagena

The City Temperature  

As Cartagena’s location is close to the Equator, the city temperature is generally high all year round. On average, its temperature in a month is approximately 83°F(28°C).

From June to September, it ranges from 31 or 33 degrees Celsius. In other months, it stays around 75°F (24°C). If you are not into a hot day, months of December to March will not be perfect choices for you!    

However, the temperature is not the only thing you must pay attention to. Because how you can tackle it may vary according to other factors, such as humidity, wind, and rain.

A hot day comes with high humidity, while a cold day may feature a piercing wind. Do you know that?

Humidity And Wind

As mentioned earlier, humidity and wind shall be the next elements to consider before making your final decision.

The weather in Cartagena is damp for a whole year. The highest humidity level (79.8%) falls into November, and the lowest (74.2%) appears in February. Ignore October and November in Cartagena if you are not interested in hazy days.

As for wind, the tourist city has a rather mild level in general. The fastest wind speed recorded is 15.6 knots (8m/s) at the beginning of March.

When ranking with the Beaufort scale, that highest speed is merely a moderate breeze. Furthermore, the lowest wind speed recorded in March is only 7.3 knots (3.75m/s). 


Inevitably, a trip during rainy seasons may keep you and your beloved staying nowhere else but a hotel or a homestay, let alone take part in entertaining, cultural activities, or admire the city scenery. It sounds terrible, right?

It is essential to know that the rainy season in the city lasts from May to December. During that period, the average amount of precipitation is around 6 inches (0.15m).

January, February, March, and April are the four months with the least rainfall. A year in Cartagena has around 39.37 inches (1m) of the precipitation amount.

If you are searching for fantastic festivals to participate in amazing outdoor activities, then the spring in Cartagena is waiting for you!

The Best Time To Visit Cartagena  

After a long time longing for the right time at the right place, is everything easier for you now?

Carefully considering weather patterns in the destination may give you more choices and options for a better homestay, a better tour with much better experiences.

During the rainy season, when the temperature drops, it is vital to bring an umbrella and stay warm with coats. Also, arriving in Cartagena in Autumn and Winner will get you to stay home for a minimum of a few days. Therefore, it is not considered the best time of year to visit the city.

The preferable point in a year to travel to Cartagena is from January to April. During the period, you do not need to worry about rain, snow, and other natural factors that likely cause your trip to be boring and terrible.

With a low humidity level, the amount of precipitation close to 0 inches, and a series of warm, sunny days, the duration is considered perfectly convenient for a trip.

For many people, the best time to visit Cartagena depends on how exciting and vibrant it is.

If it is the case, there are several awesome festivals for you to join: Hay Festival, Feast of Our Lady of La Candelaria, Barranquilla Carnival, International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias, Festival del Dulce and all of them are organized in the springtime.

In Conclusion

As the saying goes, “To know oneself is true progress,” maybe “What do you want with this trip?” is the most essential one you need to clarify before packing clothes and flying to a brand new place.

Only after identifying what you genuinely search for on a trip can you make the right decision. I hope this article can successfully equip you with the general ideas of the weather pattern in Cartagena.

As a result, you can come up with the best time to visit Cartagena. Thank you for reading!

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