What Is Duplex Printing And Its Application?

Suppose you have ever done some jobs related to printing, we’re sure you understand how overwhelmed this job could be.

So you must have thought of how to do the printing job quickly and effectively while saving both your energy and print supplies, right? Well, that’s why we’re here to give you the method: Duplex printing. But what is duplex printing and its application? Let’s find out together.

The meaning of Duplex Printing

Firstly, please check-out the answer to the question in the title: What is Duplex Printing?

Duplex printing is a feature of some computers or multi-function printers that support printing a sheet of paper on both sides. You can print documents automatically or manually by turning the paper over after the first side has been printed.

Duplex printers have a special document feeder that helps turn over the paper after printing the first side. The system works well with the software and allows the computer to print on both sides.

There are two types of printing: the first one is duplex printing, which we have mentioned above, and the other one is simplex printing.

Simplex printing, on the other hand, is a popular feature available in almost all printers, but it just enables to print out documents single-sided.

How does Duplex Printing work?

Before you click print on the printer, make sure that you have selected the option to print both sides in the page setup dialogue box. Of course, your printer must have duplex functionality first. And then, the computer will set up the printer to use both sides of the page.

After one side has been printed, the paper will feedback to the printer automatically (but in some printers, especially the old one, this process must be done manually) and print on the opposite side of the page. There’s no need to worry about it since both sides have been done and arranged in the correct order.

However, if you use a printer duplexer, the duplex printing procedure can proceed in two different ways. It depends on the print engine that your duplexer has is one or two engines.

If it is a single print engine duplexer, each page will be printed on one side first and then flipped over to print the opposite side.

On the contrary, a double-engine duplexer prints both sides of your printing job simultaneously. Using the data derived from the computer, a conductor belt can generate a picture of both sides. It then sends both sides of the page image to one of two transfuser belts that will merge and apply toner as pieces of paper slide through the printing device.

Classify two types of Duplex Printing: Automatic Duplex Printing and Manual Duplex Printing

In this post today about “What is Duplex Printing?”, we not only give you the definition of duplex printing but also help you distinguish between the two types of it. Let’s take a look!

1. Automatic Duplex Printing

As you can see, the name says it all. Those models with auto duplex printing functionality will enable you to print out all your documents double-sided by default. 

You can choose one of these two methods to set up auto duplex printing mode from the printer settings: via your computer or the menu screen on the surface of the printer. It also depends on your printer, though.

Keep in mind that this setting will be used by default from the time you have done the printer settings unless you change these.

2. Manual Duplex Printing

Unlike the automatic duplex printing, the manual one needs you to turn the paper over on your own once prompted. Nevertheless, it still brings out the same result.

Setting up manual duplex printing is the same as the automatic one and is contained in the printer settings. With some models, manual duplex printing asks for a little creativity to speed up the procedure and make it easier for you to finish the task.

Don’t forget to do some refinement in advance so that you and anyone using the printer could know which way to place the paper back into the printer to not mess up with the printouts. 

Benefits of Duplex Printing

Besides broaching the classification and the answer for “What is Duplex Printing?”, we also provide you a list of advantages of its application right below:

  • Reduce costs: Duplex printing decreases the cost you have to pay on printing supplies. According to the Environment Protection Agency, it can save approximately 30-50% of paper costs.
  • Save energy: Double-sided printing requires less energy than normal printing. 
  • Protect the environment: Paper wastage is halved while providing the same amount of content in a document. Duplex printing will reduce the number of trees cut down every year and make the environment better.
  • Increase space: The less paper to be consumed, the more space to be freed up.


In conclusion, we hope that this “What is Duplex Printing and its application?” post today could give you more information about duplex printing and its application. For all of the benefits mentioned above, you can see that printing on both sides of the paper helps you avoid wasting your energy and money and save weight on all of your printouts. So why not check out this wonderful functionality now?

We’d love to hear the feedback from you, so feel free to leave a comment below.

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