What Is Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application And How To Remove It?

You might have heard about people watching cable TV channels on their computers due to an application built into the Windows operating system called the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application. But do you know the right answer for the question of “What Is Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?”

This article will help you come up with the answer to some questions around this application, such as “Is it a threat to your computer’s performance?”, “Is there a way to remove it from the computer?” Keep reading to find out.

What Is Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

In simple words, the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application is a program built into the Windows Media Center of PCs or laptops. It works on the principle of receiving digital signals, allowing users to watch cable TV channels. Some people say that the device plays as a digital TV tuning application on Windows.

Microsoft Corporation develops this software, which is currently available on Windows versions 7,8 and 10. Besides, Digital TV Tuner Device usually has a software startup file located in drive C called ehprivjob.exe. This .exe file has a capacity of about 3.23MB, similar to a regular song file.

Apart from turning your computer into a TV to play cable channels, it also helps you record the channels you want. If you want to get signals for cable TV channels, your computer needs to satisfy at least three criteria below:

  • Display capabilities
  • Connectivity options
  • System’s performance 

While the Windows Media Center is running, it also executes all ehprivjob.exe commands. Although ehprivjob.exe is not a main Windows software, it takes up a lot of the CPU usage.

This application is in charge of checking any TV tuner connected to your PC, making it a stunning feature. However, some users find it unnecessary to know about “What Is Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?” and ignore the issue it brings.

Should It Be Uninstalled?

After finding out “What is Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?” we will move to this section on wherever you should uninstall it or not.

Many computer users reflect that the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application causes their computer to slow down. After using tools to check the CPU usage of the software, they found that ehprivjob.exe accounted for a large percentage. They also find out some causes for this excessive usage of this program.

Regularly, ehPrivJob.exe won’t use too many system resources. But, this built-in application crash might cause some bottlenecks in the system in some cases.

Moreover, you may receive some error notification from the application and wish to terminate its operation by clicking the ignore option. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

As a non-system application, the software will log any application activity in the system registry. Thus, when the software shows operating errors, it will slow down your performance. Since there is no system interference, the registration application will continue to operate at its full capacity even if there are no signals to calibrate.

In terms of safety, the program doesn’t do any harm to your computer’s system performance. You can also check its safety with virus-checking software or the security checking features on your computer.

Digital TV Tunnel Device Registration Application might be the most performance-hogging app you’ve ever seen about performance interference. Many testers found that this program reduced their computer performance by up to 70%. Furthermore, this application’s intervention also takes up many of your computer’s CPU under normal circumstances.

As such, this application may use up your system resources, even when you are not using it.

How To Uninstall It?

If you realize that ehPrivJob.exe reduces the performance of your computer, immediately try the following methods to stop it. Try the following ways to remove it:

Quick Guide Using The Windows Features Dialog:

  1. Press Windows + R, and the Run dialog will appear.
  2. In the dialog, type in appwiz.cpl, then press Enter
  3. Click on Turn Windows features on or off.
  4. Unselect Media Features and Windows Media Player in the dropdown menu of Media Features
  5. Click Yes on the pop-up dialog and then confirm your action by clicking OK; then it will apply changes for a while.

Another Way Using Task Manager:

Besides, you can also stop its tasks from running through Task Manager by these following steps:

  1. Open Task Manager (manually or use hotkey Ctrl + Esc + Shift)
  2. Click on the “Performance” tab and open the option “Open Resource Monitor” at the bottom of the dialog box.
  3. Open the “Overview” tab in the new dialog box.
  4. Find ehprivjob.exe, right-click and select End Process.

Here are two common ways that people usually do. You must follow all the steps correctly to disable the software on the first try.


We’ve given you insight into “What Is Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?” and other related information. Although the software helps you watch premium digital cable channels straight from the computer, it also causes trouble for your CPU usage. Hence, try to follow all the above steps if you find it bothersome.

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