How to Use the Superhero Pose to Take Control of the Interview

Have you ever wondered about a power pose that can turn the tables in an interview? A superhero pose will do that! The interviewer will find you confident and comfortable with your surroundings. Here is how you can do so, along with some helpful tips. Keep on reading!

The pose

What is the superhero pose? Here is where you wake up your inner child and the dream of being a superhero. Stand and spread your arms like they are your wings, put the arms behind your neck, and then flex your chest muscles. However, this does not have to be this pose. In particular, you can create your own pose. You can copy the pose of your favorite superheroes like superman or captain America.

The idea is to look bigger. This type of posing is also called power posing, common in other animals. For example, birds use their power pose to attract possible mates or intimidate enemies. By doing this, you will feel stronger and boost your confidence. If you want an essay on power posing or use a cv editing service, go online and search for academic writing services.

How does it work?

As mentioned before, doing a superhero pose can increase your confidence. It is very helpful when you are very nervous and are running low on confidence. Striking a superhero pose can make that situation better. Now you might be wondering how a pose helps in increasing your confidence.

On a biological level, when you are you strike a superhero pose, the testosterone and the cortisol levels increase in your body. This alleviates any anxiety, calms you down, and gives you a boost in confidence. Numerous blind studies have shown that after subjects were done with their power pose routine, they were more confident in their speech, had more enthusiasm, and overall were more comfortable in the situation.

After doing the power pose routine, these characteristics won’t have to force as they appear a natural part of you. If you are looking for a pay for resume writing service, then search for academic writing services

When to make it?

Now you know what the superhero pose is and how it works. So, let’s move ahead and understand when to make it to help you in your interview. You can’t make these poses during the interview unless your goal is to get rejected as quickly as possible. A good way of doing this can be before your interview.

You can go to the facility’s bathroom and strike these poses in privacy. This can give you a quick boost of confidence before the interview. You can carry the momentum of this posing by having a good posture which also helps. If you want resume writing services under $100, search for academic writing services.

The pose backed up by Science

Yes, it’s true! The superhero pose is backed up by Science. It has shown a huge impact on our brains before appearing for an interview. Let’s dive deeper into the biological technicalities. So, whenever you bring out your inner superhero and hold the pose, your body goes through a chemical change.

You immediately experience higher testosterone levels, and the overall cortisol level drops. This chemical alteration heightens your self-esteem. Testosterone is recognized as the power hormone. The more you are loaded on it before an interview, the better! As for cortisol, it is frowned upon as a stress hormone. Nobody wants added anxiety in front of a panel. The superhero pose tackles these hormones and plays them to your benefit.

According to a study carried out by Amy Cuddy, a researcher from Harvard University, held a study in 2012. Holding the power pose before an interview for 2 minutes can show drastic improvements. The testosterone levels increase by 20%, and the cortisol levels drop by 25%.

If you want more scientific information on the topic or are looking to “pay someone to write my resume,” then tons of writing services can tackle the grunt work for you.

Body language tips

There are tons of ways that you can do your superhero pose. The goal is to become more confident and positive. You can modify the pose according to your wishes. For instance, if you want more space, you will fall under the category of people who like a “high power pose.”

In contrast, a “low power pose” will be where you take up less space. So, you will keep your hands very close to your body. Not everyone needs to stand like a superman. You can be a Wonder woman. So, when choosing a pose, make sure that you are comfortable with it and execute it properly to achieve great results.

Just by tweaking your pose, you can nail your interview. Make sure that you practice it before going in front of the panel. In addition, be mindful of your body language. Try to calm yourself so that you can maintain the pose naturally. Best of luck!

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