Tips For Choosing a Sexual Harassment Training Programv

Sexual harassment is considered a human right violation. The perpetrator uses sexuality to lower the victim’s dignity and make them feel more powerless. The three main forms of sexual harassment include any form of verbal, non-verbal, and physical sexual contact.

The law prohibits these acts and perpetrators may face harsh disciplinary measures if found guilty of this offense. Luckily, anti-harassment programs like the NYS sexual harassment traininghave effectively helped reduced sexual assaults in the workplace.

Whether the training is done online, through a blended learning approach, or in a classroom setting, there is an urgency for companies to address this issue. Here is a guide to help you choose the right training program.

Comply with state and local requirements

The state expects all training programs to adhere to certain training requirements. This means they must cover the topics required by local laws, city, and state. These requirements may vary depending on the location of your business.

Every state defines sexual harassment differently and has its way of reporting and prosecuting perpetrators. Therefore, when choosing a training program, make sure it matches your state’s sexual harassment law and covers all your needs.

Be easy to update

As mentioned, the program you opt for must stay current with local, federal, and state regulations. Still, it is equally important that the content being covered can be easily refreshed to ensure employees get the latest information.

Sexual harassment training contents should be co-current with the existing issues affecting employees. It should also be cost-effective and easy to make regular updates. After all, the training would be of no use if one has to repeat the same details every year.

Engage the latest techniques

Technology advancement has led to the innovation of smart eLearning techniques to help make learning more interactive. The best training program incorporates elements like graphics, videos, images, and terminologies, to provide a more relevant and relatable experience.

When choosing a learning program, make sure it incorporates these interactive aspects. The training may also include a customized message from the CEO, individual branding, and company policies for better understanding. See more here

Ensure the training is mobile-optimized for flexibility and convenience

Training mobility is also very important when making your decision. Employees should be able to access lessons on their smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Mobile technology is one of the most flexible and convenient training methods.

Teachings can take place anywhere and anytime. Plus, office administrators and HR managers can send out texts and emails, assign courses, view future training requirements, and monitor employees’ progress easily regardless of their location.

Raise awareness and promote civility and respect

These training programs should not only help prevent legal liability but also promote a culture of civility and respect in the workplace. Employers should create more emphasis on raising employee awareness as well as promoting good behavior amongst the employees and others. A good training program can help teach employees how to actively report or interrupt any harassment incident that might arise.

Ask for employee feedback

Employees’ feedback is essential in providing relevant information that can be used to improve the course. Choose a program that allows trainees to express themselves or air their opinions at the end of the training. Engaging employees also sends a message that their training experience and opinions matter and it motivates them to learn even better.

Know your budget

The majority of these training programs are offered at a certain fee. The cost may vary from one trainer to another. Before you opt for a particular course for your staff, have a well-planned budget. You can start by creating a list of various service providers, then compare prices from each of them. This way it becomes easier to come up with the most affordable options for your employee.

It should be engaging

If you want your employees to benefit fully from the sexual harassment training program, choose something more engaging and interactive. Most people tend to use such programs as a way to break from their normal routine. As such, a boring or less interactive course could mean zero benefits in the end since the majority of them will be paying less attention to its details. Click here to see some of the importance of sexual harassment training courses.


Finding the right sexual harassment training programs for your employees can be exhausting especially when you don’t know where to start. Luckily, there are several effective online training programs available to choose from. Plus, there are those service providers willing to provide on-site instructor-led training for employees, executives, and supervisors at a small fee. Regardless of the size of your company or industry, the above tips should help make the search much easier. The right training program should influence, engage and educate employees to take appropriate action, make the right decisions and create a peaceful and respectful workplace free of discrimination and harassment.

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