Substitute For Cayenne Pepper That You Can Find Easily

Substitute for cayenne pepper? Things get complicated when there are overwhelmingly lots of products to choose from. Additionally, they are all promoted to be right for you, so which one should you choose? Don’t worry, just keep scrolling our article to figure out the best substitute for cayenne pepper that you can find easily.

Substitute For Cayenne Pepper that you can find easily

Chili Powder

Needless to say, to substitute something spicy, chili powder is the first option to name.

Chili powder is purely made from a variety of chili peppers, which were all dried and ground beforehand. Additionally, chili powder could be added to almost all dishes, which means it can act as an alternative for spicy flavorings.

In contrast, the main shortcoming of this product is that it is not as spicy as popular taste, so do consider this if you are a spicy lover.

Chipotle Powder

No need to get confused with chipotle sauce as this product is a perfect smoke-dried blend of chile (remember not chili) pepper.

Chipotle powder gives a mildly spicy taste, and that is why it is used as a seasoning on daily cooking. One secret I shouldn’t forget to mention here is that chipotle powder could be used as a critical spice-agent for sauces due to its distinct smoky flavor. Therefore, the chipotle powder is worth having a try on, isn’t it?

Red Chili Flakes

Honestly, just a teaspoon of red chili flakes is adequate for adding spice to your dishes. As red chili flakes are more spicy and flavorful, it’s advisable to add a few red chili flakes.

Otherwise, you will end up changing the overall flavor and aroma of the dish, making it unappetizing and turning all your cooking effort into nothing. Anyway, red chili flakes still work as a good alternative for cayenne pepper to concern.


Unlike other alternatives of cayenne pepper, paprika itself is much smokier in taste compared to cayenne pepper. However, surprisingly, the smokiness of mild paprika is not different from that found in cayenne pepper.

As a result, paprika is undoubtedly a safe choice for those like cayenne pepper and still hesitate to have a change. Moreover, the mixture of a half teaspoon of paprika with a half teaspoon of chili powder will bring you the best pepper-like flavor.

Hot Sauce

Typically, using hot sauces for the preparation of spicy curries is a fantastic idea you should know. All you have to remember is to estimate the adequate amount of the sauce to deliver the required spice into your dish.

Moreover, there is quite a massive variety of hot sauces out there. Some products are more vinegar-based, some are milder, some are even designed to set fire to your tongue, which can satisfy all types of consumers.

Serrano Peppers

Reportedly, serrano peppers have a closer heat index. Also, it happens to have the same amount of spiciness compared to ground cayenne pepper.

Serrano peppers have a slightly different mouthfeel, so do consider this if you are a picky eater. Unique as it is, but if you don’t mind having fresh pepper on your meal, I’m sure this will be a good try.


For those who have a passion for Korean food or curious about this country’s cuisine, you must have a try on gochujang.

Gochugaru itself is a blend of red pepper flakes, so it has a vibrant red color, which highly boosts the attractiveness of the dishes. You may, by chance, catch somewhat smoky flavor, but importantly, it still produces the heat you want.

You may probably see Gochugaru kimchi and other dipping sauces, but interestingly, it works well as a cayenne pepper substitute.

Fresh Thai Peppers

Most of the time, people who are already taking the new and vibrant route will undoubtedly tend to consider Thai peppers as well.

Right on the first sight, it strikes the impression of being so small in size. As a result, these unassuming ingredients may unfortunately give a shock to you.

However, the name says everything; chili peppers are no joke. They pack double the heat compared to cayenne, which would seem to be a great choice.

In Conclusion

Now I bet that you could finally figure out the best substitute for cayenne pepper that you can find easily. Let’s try out this magic in your kitchen and cook up a storm for you!

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