Menu at Summertime

Summertime in most countries is hot. Drinking is essential, especially in hot weather. Sometimes it is impossible to make yourself do something in such hot weather. We have prepared some tips on how to chill yourself and gain extra vitamins to stay toned. If you already grabbed a drink and are willing to test your luck, try a live sports betting strategy.

It is normal to drink more in summer. Drinking is the basis for the normal functioning of our bodies. During the hot weather, every person loses so much fluid that we need to gain the water balance back. The optimal amount of fluid to drink per day is 1.5 to 2 liters. During the hot weather, its volume might reach 3 liters. But it doesn’t mean that all should drink 3 liters. As all of us are different we need different amounts.


The best option during the hot weather is to avoid sugary carbonated drinks. It is better to drink non-carbonated water in small portions. You should also add some lemon juice to the water to chill yourself. Also, a great choice would be making a cold tea. You can make cold hibiscus tea that keeps your organism with all necessary vitamins and will remove your thirst. Mint is also a great addition to your cold tea or water.


During the summertime, some people gain weight more than in wintertime. This happens because, during the hot period of the day, we don’t want to eat that much, but after the sunset a monster is hungry. Large dinners lead to weight gain, poor health, restless sleep, and lack of energy in the morning.

Keep your normal daily schedule. That goes also for food. Don’t take more than you usually eat, moreover try to change your products. Summer is famous for green vegetables, fruit, and berries. Eat them as much as possible, and add them to your daily menu. They have lots of different vitamins that are essential for our body. Just eating plums can guarantee you lots of vitamins C, K, and vitamins B1, B2, and B3.

Eating vegetables is a must in summertime. You can cook lots of different salads and not only. Your daily menu can be changed multiple times so you won’t feel bored. Experiment with any vegetables you like and don’t forget about water! Keep yourself toned and healthy and we wish you a great day!

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