Stock Up On Pool Supplies for Summer Fun

Is the pool in your backyard looking a bit empty, or maybe turning a questionable shade of green from not being cleaned? Need help figuring out what to do to save your pool from being avoided like a swamp? We’re here for you with some basic necessities you can use to breathe some new life into your own backyard pool resort.

Blazing summer sun

Average summer temperatures are rising and it’s no surprise when you step outside and feel yourself break into a sweat before you’ve made it to your mailbox. According to information on the link below, the recorded temperatures of last year’s summer months climbed above what has been the usual trend.

Thinking about spending any extra time in the sun and heat may sound awful, but with the right accessories and supplies, you can make your outdoor space surrounding your pool a place to escape. Let’s start with the different necessities that can help improve the cleanliness of your pool, and a few items that can make pool time more fun.

Clean with care

There is a specific smell that accompanies a pool, be it public or your own, and there’s a reason for that. Keeping chemicals carefully balanced in your pool helps prevent gross build-up like algae. With chlorine to help sanitize the water, and other cleaners that offer additional balance, you can have a safe and refreshing retreat in your own backyard. If you’re still learning the proper care instructions for your pool you can also purchase water testing kits that can give you more information on how to keep your pool picture-perfect.

Better than typical toys

For families with children or over-grown adult children, there are tons of fun accessories you can find for everyone joining you pool-side. Goggles can protect your eyes while diving, or snorkels for when you’re practicing for a future expedition to find sunken treasure. Swim caps are excellent for saving your hair or protecting your scalp while enjoying a dip. There are even fins to wear, for your kids who may have been fish in a previous life.

Now, for the grown-up shindigs you may be hosting, there are even more fun accessories at your disposal. A classic for any pool-lounging, a regular inflatable lounge chair is an easy choice. If you’re interested in trying something new, or have bigger plans for your party, there are enormous floats you can ride on, full-size inflatable armchairs, and even floating coolers that can hold drinks or snacks! Pool noodles and floaties of all kinds as well! Be sure to find pool accessories for sale to meet all of your needs.

A healthy escape

Swimming and playing in the pool might seem like plain old fun, but there’s more to it than burning off sugary drinks with the kids and getting a good base tan. Burn off some calories and get excellent cardio exercise without a high impact on your joints by spending some time in your pool. Naturally buoyant in water, we don’t have to carry our full weight in pools, meaning you can be more active without the usual stress on your knees, hips, or back. Just thirty minutes in the water can help you meet your activity goals for the day while preventing injury.

If you take a stroll through the outdoor supply area of your local department store, you’ll notice some empty shelves and rising prices of more specialty items. When it’s not a universally popular item, it likely will either not be available in-store or will cost many times more than what it should. Don’t dig deep into your pockets or empty out your wallet. You can get everything you need online and get all your cleaning supplies, inflatable toys, and swim accessories delivered to your door.

Be the life of the party

From giving your family a place to relax together to helping teach your kids that being active can be fun, having a clean and safe pool is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors without having to leave behind the comforts of home. With scorching temperatures hitting before it’s lunchtime, gas prices reaching exponential numbers, and various new illnesses making rounds throughout the public, finding ways to have a good time at home has become an important life skill. If you’re stuck inside with nothing to do and no way to socialize you might just go stir crazy. Don’t let the summer get away from you because it’s simply too hot to go anywhere. Order what you need to get the pool clean, stocked with fun inflatables, and floating coolers.

After you’ve prepared the pool, call up your family and friends, and let them know summer starts at your house!

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