Is He Hiding His Feelings Or Not Interested In You – How To Recognize?

Whether you have a crush on a guy, or even in a romantic relationship, you’ll sometimes wonder: Is he hiding his feelings or not interested in you – how to recognize? Don’t worry, because I will help you capture seven psychological expressions that confirm your affection.

Is He Hiding His Feelings Or Not Interested In You – How To Recognize?

When men have feelings towards women, they usually show pretty apparent attitudes. If you are a good observant woman, these seven following psychological signs will confirm his feelings for you.

First, let’s develop four expressions indicating he is in love with you but may try to hide it.

Remember Little Things About You

A man who has feelings for you shows obvious interests in everything related to you frequently. What you like to eat, what colors you prefer, what kind of movies you watch, or even some small habits that you don’t even notice, he will pin all of them in his mind.

On special occasions like your birthday, he will rely on those traits to buy gifts or do unexpected things that melt your heart. If you are acquainted with such a guy, he definitely has feelings for you, period.

Always take care of you

A man who likes you will take care of everything in your life; he will worry about whether you dress up warm enough or continually reminds you of having meals on time, never staying up too late, etc.

He is always willing to listen to your problems, then offers you helpful advice and helps take the burden off your shoulders!

If you meet such a man, don’t hesitate to fall in love.

Spend His Time With You

Men often prioritize their careers over romantic relationships. Still, if you are in a relationship with someone who is willing to take a break from work to chat with you even for a few minutes, or skips the appointment with friends to be with you, these signs have proven that he not only likes you but also loves you a lot.

If he can be on the phone with you for hours without getting bored, always laugh and be happy with anything you say, or he gets worried, frustrated when he’s unable to contact you, well then congratulations, he has fallen deeply in love with you!

Feel Jealous When You Are With Other Men

Do you wonder if the man you have your eyes on is also interested in you? Look at how he responds when you are with another guy. He’s often jealous, unhappy, or even sulky when he sees you smiling and relaxing with the opposite sex friends.

Besides, if he notices that you are going out with a male partner, he may force himself to show his feelings so as not to lose you for another good opponent.

Apart from 4 positive signs which prove a man has feelings for you or not, there are 3 following shreds of evidence showing that you are in love with a wrong man.

Only Sees You When It’s Convenient For Him

A guy who likes you always looks for chances to meet you, on the contrary, a guy who is not sincere shows a lack of enthusiasm. Specifically, he only sees you when it is convenient for him.

For example, he suddenly has free Tuesday night, or his buddies have canceled on him and he doesn’t know what to do, then you will be his back-up plan because he can’t find anything better to do.

Besides, this type of man often makes you follow his schedule and chase after him. For instance, you have an appointment with your girls tonight, but he has a blank schedule and gets bored or can’t ask anyone out, then he might try to convince you to rearrange your plan and go see him.

If you are seeing this type of man, I’m sorry, but you’d better terminate this relationship as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be the only one to suffer later.

Neither Texts Nor Calls You

The man who is interested in you will always find excuses to call and text you all the time, but if he neither texts nor calls you, and he isn’t curious about what you are doing, it’s obvious that he has no feelings for you.

You definitely know that when women are in love, they always want to get in touch to know what their men are doing, how their day is, and so is it with men. If he does none of the things I’ve mentioned above, then it’s time to consider this relationship.

Refuse to Introduce You to His Friends

If the man you are dating has serious intentions, he will soon introduce you to his family and friends. But if he hesitates to make this relationship public, that means he’s not ready to be your right man..

No matter what the reason is, it would be best if you thought of leaving him and looking for someone you belong to.

The Bottom Lines

So, how much are you sure that the guy you’re having a crush on, or dating, really likes you? If you are not confident to answer the question: “is he hiding his feelings or not interested in you – how to recognize?”, please reopen this article, read from the beginning to the end the 7 expressions I’ve just listed to know if you should continue or walk away from this relationship.

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