How To Make Someone Think Of You Telepathically?

You have fallen in love with a friend, and you think about him or her all the time. You want to chase that one yet do not know how to make them feel about you like you do.

Then, follow my article below to check out some simple tips on how to make someone think of you telepathically. Keep reading to find out the secrets!

How to make someone think of you telepathically? – Five Easy-To-Follow Tricks

Be warm and smile.

You might have known that a smile is a highly effective way to make a great impression on your crush as it signals friendliness and warmth.

Moreover, smiles are contagious. When you smile, you will create more positive interactions between you and your crush.

Now you know that smiling is the first step to draw your crush’s attention, but how to smile perfectly? Well, here are some bonus tips to have a beautiful smile:

  • Practice smiling gradually
  • Keep your teeth clean and bright
  • Think of your happy memories when smiling
  • Dress well and use a little fragrance to be more attractive

Talk to a mutual friend about them.

In case you are interested in someone, yet you are a little bit shy to ask them out yourself, you can get a date through a friend.

You can talk to a mutual friend about your crush and ask them to lend you a hand. After that, they may help you have more time with your crush through group study sessions, weekend parties, etc.

Furthermore, through a mutual friend, you can have more information about your soon-to-be-lover, such as characters, interests, etc.

With this information, you can prepare some topics to start and maintain an interesting conversation with your crush. And chatting about the topics your crush enjoys, you will make them feel like you are the perfect one they have been searching for.

Listen attentively to their stories.

We always love to be heard. When we talk to a person who listens to us attentively, we would want to open up our stories and spend more time communicating with that person.

Thus, it would be best if you listen to whatever your crush is talking about. During the conversation, you should avoid interrupting and keep validating what they are saying.

In case you can catch up with what they have said, you can ask them questions or paraphrase what they have said to gain clarity on their message. This is also an excellent way to show that you are an empathic listener.

Besides, do not forget to keep an eye on their non-verbal behaviors as this will help you understand their messages more clearly.

For instance, if they speak in a brittle voice, they might feel stressed or sad. In that case, you will need to show your empathy and encourage them to release all of their negative feelings.

Share some of your personal information with them.

Along with listening to your crush, you will need to share your personal stories to build trust and enhance trust in your relationship.

So which information should you tell them?

Well, you can tell them about your interests or the personal things going on in your life. It may be your love for books or a problem you are tackling. It should be something that not many people know about. 

Give them signals that this is personal things you only share with a few selected people (and maybe even only them.)  This is an excellent way to let them know that you rely on them, and encourage them to count on you.

Of course, it is great to share personal information with your crush; however, you need to think carefully about what you are about to share as it can make your crush annoyed, or worse damage your reputation.

Let me explain through an example. You may form an impression you are a naughty person if you share your sexy photos or any information about your sexual life during online chatting.

And this makes your crush not want to start any healthy relationship with you. In the worst case, they even spread this information and makes many people feel bad about you.

Thus, be aware and carefully select what to share with the one you fall in love with.

Do something thoughtful for them.

Another tip on how to make someone think of you telepathically is to do something thoughtful for them. Let’s spend your time taking care of them and showing them how important they are to you.

For instance, you can drive them home after a late-night date. Or maybe you can take them out for a walk when they feel sad or stressed.

Consistent small actions are the steps to win their heart. And once they get used to having you around and taking care of them, let’s disappear for a short time. This is how you make them miss you and love you more. 


Sometimes, your love is only five steps away. However, if you do not step towards your love, you might lose them to the other. Thus, let’s summon your courage and try these tips to chase your crush.

Lastly, if you find this article helpful, let’s share it with your friends as they still wonder, “how to make someone think of you telepathically?”

Goodbye! I wish all the best things will come to your journey to win your love.

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