How To Make Eyelash Glue Effectively?

You can see that handmade products are increasingly popular. Instead of industrial products that can be detrimental to health, many prefer to make their products with natural ingredients.

You can make soap or lotion, lipstick at home. Similarly, with eyelash glue, you can also learn how to make them yourself with easy-to-find and healthy ingredients.

You often have to wear makeup, and the use of many industrially produced eyelashes can damage your lashes, causing them to dry out and break. Many types of eyelash glue contain latex or parabens, which have an unpleasant odor and can be harmful to the eyes.

Meanwhile, more and more products are appearing in the market, making you not sure which product to choose. If you’re still not sure which lash glue to use, why not try making it yourself?

This article will show you how to make eyelash glue effectively.

Should you use homemade eyelash glue?

Before learning how to make eyelash glue, you need to know whether its use is safe or not.

First, you need to understand that the eye is a susceptible part of the body and easily irritated. Therefore, you should pay close attention to using safe products.

You should note that never use other glue such as wig glue to use for eyelashes. Because these products are created for different uses, they will have various components. If misused, they can seriously harm your eyes and eyelashes.

The use of homemade eyelash glue is thoroughly recommended if you make sure to use natural ingredients that are healthy and non-irritating. Since they do not contain chemicals, they will certainly not harm your eyes.

Besides, because you make them yourself, you know for sure what ingredients are in it, making sure no substances are allergy to you. Homemade eyelash glue is also very cheap because the parts to make it are entirely available and easy to find.

However, since it is a handmade product, you should not test any new materials that are potentially irritating. And because there are no chemicals, it’s probably not as strong as industrial products.

Steps to make homemade eyelash glue

You will find that making your eyelash glue has lots of benefits. Because they are made from the ingredients available in your home, you can save much compared to buying them. And learnhow to make eyelash glue is very easy for you.

To make your eyelash glue at home, you will need these ingredients:

Honey: 1 drop

Water: 2 tbsp

Sugar: 1 tbsp

Non-toxic glue: 1 drop

Once you have prepared these ingredients, the rest of the steps are simple. You need to put all of them in a small bowl and mix well. It would be best if you mixed until all the ingredients dissolve and create a mixture that may be slightly gritty.

You need to pay attention to dissolve the sugar completely because if it is not dissolved, they can damage your eyes due to their sharp edges.

How to use eyelid glue?

After knowing how to make eyelash glue, you may wonder how to use it. The answer here is you can use it as simply as you usually would with other industrial eyelashes.

The best way is that you will use a small brush, dip in your eyelash glue mixture. Then, you paint this glue along the line of your eyelashes and apply false eyelashes. You need to hold these lashes for about 10 seconds to let the glue dry and fix the false eyelashes. Or you can use a dryer at a low temperature.

Finally, brush your lashes and curl them, add mascara if you want.

To remove the glue, you should use a towel soaked in warm water and applied to the eyes for 30 seconds. Warm water will help the glue melt, and you can remove the false eyelashes without causing pain or eye irritation.

However, you should note that these eyelashes do not use any preservatives, so they will not be used for long periods. You should not use too old glue because they can harm your eyelashes.

So now you did know how to make eyelash glue and its benefits. You can try making an eyelash glue jar now with our instructions. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. We will come back and answer for you. Thanks for your attention and see you later.

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