Can You Use Indoor Tanning Lotion Outside?

What happens if we only have indoor tanning lotion, and we are about to go out? For this reason, people often ask: “Can you use indoor tanning lotion outside?”

Nowadays, there is a variety of types and labels that produce tanning lotion. Every kind of tanning lotion has different effects on our skin. Hence, make sure to learn carefully about this matter before using it.

If you are still confused, do not worry. This article is written for you. To find out the right answer, keep scrolling down to acquire further information.

What is tanning lotion and its effect?

Tanning lotion is well known these days, which helps you have the deepest yet natural tan without exposing yourself to the sun for a long time. It changes your skin over time and is suitable for those who are too busy at their works.

Besides, people often use tanning lotion to protect themselves against several damaging elements during tanning, especially the sun.

Everybody knows that sunlight can effortlessly destroy your skin if it is not protected well. Your skin is prone to be dry and wrinkled under the influence of sun exposure for a long time.

As a result, tanning lotion works as an anti-aging substance, which allows you to get the desired outcome of tanning without suffering from the effects of early aging.

On top of that, tanning lotion allows you to have a very charming tan instead of a splotchy non-lotion one. Your skin will look natural, smooth, and shiny.

How many types of tanning lotion are there?

Outdoor tanning lotion

The connection between overexposure to sunlight and skin cancer is always a noteworthy matter for those who like having a tan. That’s why outdoor tanning lotion is available in the current market.

Outdoor tanning lotion often contains the elements of sunscreen. This type of lotion assists in protecting your skin from such dangerous UV rays, which cause cancer. Also, it blocks the possibility of early aging and sunburns.

Of course, outdoor tanning lotion is perfect when we go out. However, can you use indoor tanning lotion outside?

However, before deciding to purchase it, make sure to learn about your skin type and the preferred level of tan first.

Indoor tanning lotion

Unlike outdoor tanning lotion, the indoor one, which doesn’t contain sunscreen, is much more suitable for tanning lamps or beds. It is used to prevent such artificial UV rays. Of course, it doesn’t work to avoid sunburning.

Besides, can you use indoor tanning lotion outside? This matter will be cleared up below.

There are two well-known types of indoor tanning lotions, including bronzers, basic tanning accelerators, and tingling tanning lotions. These various options will help you choose the most suitable lotion for your skin type.

Sunless tanning lotion

This sunless tanning lotion is a safe yet temporary solution for those who want to achieve a tan. You will get the preferred skin color without worrying about suffering from skin cancer.

When it comes to sunburns, sunless tanning lotion isn’t really effective. The highest result we can see is a temporary tan, which will begin fading after a few days.

Can you use indoor tanning lotion outside?

Despite the fact that indoor tanning lotion doesn’t have sunscreen elements, can you use indoor tanning lotion outside?

This matter has caused a lot of controversies these days. First, as most of this lotion rarely contains SPF, it isn’t completely recommended for outdoor use. But how scary is it?

In fact, if you use indoor tanning lotion and go out under the sunlight, you are prone to suffer from getting severe burns.

On the contrary, some people assume that it is still possible to utilize indoor tanning lotion outside as long as you check the component. There is a variety of indoor tanning lotions available on the market. Hence, there must be a few upgraded indoor lotions that have SPF on the component list.

All you need to do is check out whether it has SPF or not first. Then, how much sunscreen in indoor lotion is there? You can be protected well if the SPF is high enough.

At the same time, you will be advised not to use outdoor lotion inside. The acrylic in the tanning beds can be broken down easily.

On top of that, remember that indoor tanning lotion will enhance the impacts of UV rays instead of blocking them. Manufacturers have produced outdoor tanning lotions containing SPF to block both UVA and UVB rays. But indoor tanning lotions may not.

For that reason, you had better avoid using indoor tanning lotion outside if you don’t want to enhance the risk of skin cancer.

In sum, what decides that you can use indoor tanning lotion outside is depending on the lotion type. So the answer to “Can you use indoor tanning lotion outside?” is yes, but you had better check out carefully the kind of lotion and its components you are going to buy. 

Final words

When it comes to tan, you must pay more attention to which lotion you intend to use. Be careful so that you have a healthy but glowy tan. And make sure to find out a reliable source to ensure the safety of your skin.

Have you found out the answer to the question: “Can you use indoor tanning lotion outside?” If you have any new ideas, comment below to let us know.

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