How To Make A Post Shareable On Facebook – Guide For You

Facebook has been in the public eye for nearly two decades now. It has grown to be one of the strongest still-surviving social media on the planet. But its interface can be quite intimidating for those who’re new to this virtual community. So here’s a comprehensive guide for you, dear readers, on how to make a post shareable on Facebook!

How To Make A Post Shareable On PC’s Facebook

Even though Facebook’s gone through many interface changes throughout its updates, the steps on how to make a post shareable on Facebook stay consistent. To follow with this article, you can type out a sample post to try it out or use the post you’re about to publish as well.

When you make your post, you’ll need to check for the Audience tab. It’s the little selection box that usually says “Public” or “Friends.”

If you want to make this post shareable, just bring the privacy setting to “Public.” Keep in mind that this also means that those who are not friends with you can view this post from your timeline before sending you a friend request too.

As we’ve mentioned, this setting will be applied to all your future posts, so you don’t have to redo this every time. And should you change your mind about sharing capability, you can always switch the privacy setting back to “Friends” on the same Audience tab!

But how does one do the same thing for the phone app version of Facebook? Read on and learn how to make a post shareable on Facebook for your mobile devices!

How To Make A Post Shareable On Mobile’s Facebook

Facebook’s mobile interface is somewhat simpler, so this should come as a breeze after you follow this guide on how to make a post shareable on Facebook while on your phone!

Similar to before, as you hit “Create Post,” you will need to find the Audience selection tab, which will usually be set to “Public.” The tab will be under your name right next to the Album selection tab on most mobile interfaces, so it won’t be hard to find!

Once again, if you ever want to share something with your friends only, simply toggle the Audience tab back to “Friends.” This also makes your post disappear from other people’s timelines if it ends up there, so don’t worry about having to search and retrieve it. However, resetting it back to “Public” will not automatically place your post back to where it has been.

Due to this, some people use this feature to refresh the engagements on their posts. There’s no certainty that this works in their favor; however, the post-post-reset will occasionally not appear on their usual demographic’s timelines anymore.

As Facebook periodically updates its application to include more and more adjustments to make your posts appealing and unique, the basic functions such as privacy setting, album setting, and photo addition will mostly stay the same. So don’t worry too much about the changes. After all, once you’ve toggled the privacy setting, it stays as so until it’s changed directly by you!

How To Make A Post Shareable After You Post It

Sometimes you’ll slip up and post before you remember how to make a post shareable on Facebook, or you’ll accidentally post before you can change the setting. Don’t you fret just yet!

Firstly, you need to locate the post you want to change the setting to, and you’re done with the prep.

Secondly, you need to click the three-dot symbol on the upper right corner of the post and choose “Edit Post.”

Thirdly, choose the “Public” privacy setting in the Audience tab, and you’re done!

You can definitely undo this change later following the same steps since there are no turn limits for the Facebook post edition. When you’re ready, just hit “Save,” and you’re done!

Unlike the previous guides, the changes you make after you’ve posted will not determine the privacy settings for future publications. Facebook prioritizes settings before posting over edition after posting, so please keep this in mind and change the setting before you publish so all the posts after this one can be consistent.

It will surely also save you lots of time if you don’t have to go back and change it all the time!


Now that you know how to make a post shareable on Facebook, you can start bringing your content to everyone! Whether you’re a social media worker, a blog writer, or just some Joe Schmoe who wants to share their thoughts, you can benefit from this guide!

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