How To Get From Split To Hvar For Your Ultimate Croatia Expedition

Better not miss out Croatia if an Instagram geek is your identity!

Don’t be a scaredy-cat and set your foot on Dalmatian’s Hulk – Split as an escape of the city’s frenzy life. Soon will you realize it’s not just a stopover port but a Renaissance culture that embraces tumbling oasis and vibrant nightlife.

Then shuffle to Hvar – queen of all Dalmatian islands that harmoniously combines civilized society with unscathed Mother Nature and engross in evergreen lavender fields, olive trees and vineyards.

Chop chop and explore our list of top 5 ways of how to get from Split to Hvar.

Pomalo Dalmatian locals on a car-ferry deck

Rumor has it that ferry crossings in Croatia are as common as yellow taxis in New York as a means of how to get from Split to Hvar. This applies well to bikers, drivers, bus/train takers, just remember to book for the tickets in advance.

You will be boarding at Split Harbor and spend an hour or two before reaching Stari Grad – Hvar’s main ferry terminal. This estimated route has also covered the span from Stari Grad to Hvar town by bus.

As for foot-passengers, just make a purchase at Split harbor’s ticket counter next to the airport shuttle bus terminal or sales booths in front of the ferries.

Please carefully check the sites of any maritime carriers beforehand during the ticketing process. It’s on a first come, first served basis, critically at peak season so unavoidably may you encounter an overload ferry right in front of your salad.

Top operators for Split-Stari Grad line (these prices are just for reference and might correspond to off-season only):


DurationEstimated priceFrequency
1 hour 5 min$4 – $5Twice a day (6 times per Saturday)

A household name for any Split-Hvar ferry-goer. At Split Harbor displays Jadrolinija’s self-owned ticket stand. The delay rate is almost zero barring lousy weather patterns.

Kapetan Luka

DurationEstimated priceFrequency
1 hour$14 – $16Once to three times daily

Ranging on the high-end cruise line is Kapetan Luka (Krilo) with two main service packages offered: high-speed ferry and private charter. It may be triple the price of Jadrolinija’s, yet there are latest models of water jets and carbos running at full speed of 43kts.

Here’s the deal:

You will be offered a thrilling cruise experience laid on deck of luxurious tricat and semi wave piercing fast ferry. It’s just the cherry on top once you enter a chartered yard as there is zero possibility of piling cargo whatsoever.

Besides this route, international passengers can also resort to Drvenik (Split) – Sucuraj (southern Hvar) course as a roundabout of how to get from Split to Hvar for lower price packages and more flexibility, may as well explain the reasons why it’s the top pick among the locals.

From the Drvenik terminal, you board on deck a 30-minute ferry ride to Sucuraj port. Once you hit the island, take a 1-hour-and-a-half drive to Hvar Town.

A minor caution: Each Sucuraj ferry can only lodge 32 cars so queues without end during peak season is a common sight. Be patient a little, if you are trapped in-betweens, as normally two ferries in tandem would break the schedule and flap their sail to and fro at your disposal.

Pierce through the Adriatic ocean wind via a high-geared catamaran

The ferry might be a smoother ride for seasickers, yet cats are the best for direct transit among ways of how to get from Split to Hvartown for speed-lovers. Only on a Krilo (holding 180 – 396 patrons) can you sit on deck and enjoy sea view like when taking a ferry. Jadrolinija cats require a 1-hour ride inside the boat’s body, with big windows.

Curious about available tracks?

Daily Jadrolinija cats operate on 4 lines, especially from June to September:

  • From Split to Hvar town as a stopover before reaching Korcula (Vela Luka) and Lastovo (Ubli) islands.
  • From Split to Jelsa on Hvar after transiting in Bol (Brac island).
  • From Split to Vis with Hvar as a jump-off (every Tuesday).
  • Trail along Split – Bol – Hvar – Korčula – Dubrovnik itinerary. 

State-of-the-art year-round Krilo cats provide fewer departures:

  • From Split to Korcula via Hvar Town (Prigradica is added as another stop-off during summer).
  • Follow a round trip: Split – Milna (Brac) – Hvar Town – Mljet – Dubrovnik…

SplitExpress cat departs once per day from Split Airport to Stari Grad during 1p.m – 2.50pm time bracket (June 1st – September 15th) for a $30 one-way ticket.

What’s the trick to avoid peak season traffic?

Catamaran’s tickets are always out of stock in a second, so it’s better to aim for tickets treating Hvar as a break in the journey, not as the final destination. It may cost you a few bucks more, yet you are set for good without the fear of sold-outs.

Arrange a boat trip to get from Split to Hvar

You can opt for countless boat tours and sailing options as another manner of how to get from Split to Hvar: by booking through any tourist office or by paying attention to advertisements about Split-Hvar Day Trip tours beforehand (FYI: kayaking is all the rage nowadays).

Another soaring trend that is ready to catch the heat is Uber ride-sharing boat service. Install the app on your phone and a speedboat is easy peasy as pies with a snap of a button. The prices are fairly stable at over $390/8 people and over $500/12 people.

Be a trend-setter with lavish water taxi experiences

Water taxis are among the mainspring of how to get from Split to Hvar.

Spring up your adrenaline by hiring a speedboat to kick-off your exhilarating Hvar excursion. Live the moment by employing a $387 water taxi from downtown Split to Hvar or a $442 one from Split Airport.

It’s posh, it’s charismatic and makes you a member of the cool kids clan!

Enjoy a panoramic helicopter view

This is crazy:

Book for a 3-seat Robinson R44 flight to island hop along Split – Brac – Hvar – Dubrovnik – Zadar in just 18 minutes.

The spur is perfect for one day trip planner with sky-rocketing showmanship to make every one ohh ahh like a baby.

Bottom Line

If you are travelling on a tight budget, then save yourself with car ferries and catamarans.

If you are about to live up to your luxurious status, try helicopters for an inclusive Dalmatian island hopping experience besides just stuck around means of how to get from Split to Hvar.

If you are tech-savvy and desire for quality time with your dearest loved-ones, then do not hesitate to charter a yard or a boat trip.

A Split-Hvar day trip is versatile in modes of transportation. Score a bargain and you get to connect with the turquoise sea water with all 6 senses of the body. While ponying up at a premium would indulge your eyes with a triple combo of sea-city-jungle at a bird-eye level.

The list above is just my two cents’ worth, but feel free to choose the one best-suited for you if you want to be hassle-free.

Adios and break a leg you adventurers!

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