How to Avoid Getting Sick in Mexico

Despite its charm and stunning tourist attractions, Mexico is still among some of the top countries that can pose a threat to your health. Many people have come to this well-known land hoping for a nice, relaxing vacation, only to come back in poor shape.

Now, I am not saying that everyone coming to Mexico is prone to fall ill. But the possibility is still there. And when it comes to this nation, a place famous for exotic street food and one-of-a-kind cuisine, you should always take measures to prevent yourself from ending up with unbearable stomachaches.

Better safe than sorry, right? In this article, we will reveal to you some tips about how to avoid getting sick in Mexico. So, make sure to stick around!

Get yourself an anti-disease immunity

Before heading off to Mexico, and any other country in general, you should contact your doctors and have them shoot you up with doses of essential vaccine. According to several medication experts, you should get the vaccination roughly 1 month before your trip. Your body needs time to strengthen its defense system, which will shield you from several unwanted illnesses.

Plus, you are likely to receive more than just one dose, and not at the same time. So, that amount of time is highly essential to get all the vaccines and for them to come into effect.

You can also inform them that you are about to take a trip to Mexico and ask for tips on how to avoid getting sick in Mexico. I am sure that they will be happy to help you out.

Be careful with what you eat

People always say that one of the fastest ways to explore a country’s culture is to start with its cuisine. You should eat to your heart’s content, and let nothing stop you to do so.

Still, this does not truly apply to Mexico. If you intend to eat to your heart’s content and do not stop for anything, the only thing you get to explore will probably be just the path from the toilet to your hotel’s bed.

Many tourists have reported to be struck up with crippling agony in their abdomen after sampling seemingly delicious street food in Mexico. Perhaps the food stall they stop by did not comply with food safety procedure, or it can be that their bodies fail to digest a certain ingredient. Still, regardless of the cause, if you want to know how to avoid getting sick in Mexico, you should stick to these golden rules:

  • Steer clear of raw food. Raw food might contain dangerous bacteria. It is a big no-go.
  • Fruits might look fresh and nice. Still, they might not have been washed carefully. Only eat the fruits that can be peeled.
  • If the food vendors do not wear gloves and use their bare hands to do every single task from receiving money and prepare your food, go away immediately.
  • Avoid drinking tap water. Just because it is safe for the locals does not mean it will be safe for you.

Apart from these, it is advisable that you take some certain medicines with you, especially anti-diarrhea, in case the worst comes to the worst.


What else should you know about how to avoid getting sick in Mexico? Heatstroke!

Even though this sounds like nothing serious, heatstroke has been the reason why many tourists to Mexico had to cancel their entire plan and spend days on their beds in the hotel. Sunburn that will sting like a bee, waves after waves of headaches, an overwhelming urge to vomit – these are all the consequences of exposing yourself to too much sunlight.

Now, you wouldn’t want your trip to end this way, would you?

Therefore, make sure to cover yourself properly during your journey from places to places in Mexico. Have a bottle of water with you when the temperature is overly high, your body can shut down from dehydration. Plus, if you feel like you are being affected by heatstroke, immediately find somewhere with enough shade to take a break and call for medical help if possible.


Having health problems during a trip to another country with intriguing places to check out is something nobody asks for. So, when paying a visit to Mexico, make sure that you are careful enough and do not try out anything new, despite how tempting it seems, if there is a possibility that it can make your health deteriorate.

That’s all we want to share with you about how to avoid getting sick in Mexico. I hope you find our article helpful. And if you have any more extra tips on this matter, do not hesitate to share them with us!

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