How To Enable USB Debugging On Android With Black Screen – Useful Tips For You

Just like human beings, technology is never perfect! That’s why sometimes your favorite Android phone still has faults after a period of use. Even worse, the screen can get black. We bet you have been making efforts to fix it but without success. Why don’t you let us show youhow to enable USB debugging on Android with black screen?

Three Methods To Debug On Android With Black Screen

We will together solve the problem on the Android phone when it becomes black with three effective methods below. Let’s get started with the first one!

Use OTG Adapter And Mouse

Steps to practice this method are so simple. Follow each instruction, and you can debug on your phone easily.

  • Connect the phone with a cable and mouse: The first solution to continue the phone operation is to connect your phone with an OTG cable and then add the cable with a mouse. This will help unlock your device.
  • Show the phone’s screen on your computer: In this step, you need an OTG cable to mirror your phone into the PC and use the mouse for USB debugging from the Settings icon.
  • Tap on the options: In Settings, tap “About The Phone”, then look at an item called “Build Number”. Remember to tap seven times on this selection to open some hidden functions that the manufacturer turns off. This is an interesting trick that you can learn from the Internet. Then you will see a list of functions, but you just need to choose “Developer options”.
  • Use the phone as an External Memory: After connecting with your computer, your device will be like an external memory. In this way, you can recover photos, videos, and files on the PC to store, then transfer them into other devices later.

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In general, we can consider this as the simplest method to enable USB debugging, but it’s not a perfect way unless your phone supports an OTG connection. Let’s come to the next solution to see the difference!

Use ADB Tools On The Computer

The second method to help you deal with the question of how to enable USB debugging on Android with black screen is using ADB tools. ADB (Android Debug Bridge), also known as a part of the SDK tool (Software Development Kit), can help you debug troubles with Android devices.

  • Install ADB: Ensure that you have the ADB tool installed while connecting your Android phone to the PC with a connection cable. You can install the Android Developments Tool instead of ADB.
  • Start ClockworkMod Recovery: If the phone is in the black screen situation, the debugging will be off automatically. Therefore, you have to boot your Android phone into ClockworkMod Recovery.
  • Use computer commands: You have to pay attention to this step because it may confuse you. Now, start the “cmd” command by combining Windows + R. Type the commands after cmd window opening: “ADB devices”. After that, follow the command as the order: adb pull/data/media/clockworkmod/backup~/Desktop/Android-up. The result is you can back up the whole data from your Android phone into the computer.

In general, this method is quite complicated with someone who is not keen on computer programming. In case you have difficulties, stop to find a skilled friend to help you solve the problems. Mimicking the computer command by yourself without logical knowledge will disorder the database or damage to the device. Or else, let’s consider the next solution below.

Use Debugging Software

With the two methods above, you already know how to enable USB debugging on Android with black screen and can fix it yourself. Besides, we still would like to give you one more alternative.

The third tip for solving this problemis using Android Data Recovery, a software that can help you extract data from your black screen phone.

  • Download and install Android Data Recovery: After looking for Android Data Recoveryand install it, and now you let your phone connect to the computer.
  • Launch the program and do as the guides on the computer: Look at the left sidebar and find “Android Data Extraction” as soon as a function table appears. You can choose which necessary folders to back up, then click “Start” to begin the process. After that, select your connecting device name and model and follow the steps on the computer screen.

We appreciate this solution as a simple way to enable USB debugging when the Android phone’s screen gets black, as using a software seems more suitable than using a specialized cable as the first way.


We bet you have learned about how to enable USB debugging on Android with black screen with our useful information. You can try to do different methods to have your own experience and select the most suitable to solve your problem. However, it would help if you had a companion practice the tips relating to computer settings. Hopefully, you will debug your phone successfully with our recommendations.

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