How to dress like a rapper- A step-to-step guide to enter hiphop world

This article will focus more on people who want to build their style from scratch or start rebuilding their current wardrobe. So, if you want a clear, straightforward step-to-step guide onhow to dress like a rapper, let’s dive right in!

How to dress like a rapper

Hip Hop culture has been more and more well-known in the past few years and caught the attention of many young adults. People in the underground world, especially rappers, are the models that a lot of teens look up to, and the first step to do that is dress up.

Step 1: How to choose your top

The top of the outfit is the most crucial part when it comes to choosing outfits. This part of the outfit is the foundation that decides your entire style.

Let’s first start with basic items like T-shirts or hoodies. Fashion always changes! And if you do not want to spend loads of money on clothes, better choose them in neutral colors such as black, white, grey or eggshell, and simple patterns such as side stripes.

A great tip to pick out your perfect tops is that for summer tees, you should go with 90 or 100% cotton made to ensure you won’t sweat like coming out of the gym.

And for hoodies, thick and large hoods will be an amazing option. Another thing is you should purchase pre-treated fabric, not the raw one. This is because the fabric has been pre-washed, contacted with water, and applied a little bit of heat to prevent the piece from shrinking in the future.

These will live on and be your statement piece. And from that basic top pieces, you can mix and match, variate with other items like flannels, coach jackets, bomber jackets to create your signature look.

Step 2: How to choose your pants

Okay, about pants, it is a bit easier to decide.

First, Jeans. Jeans can be considered as the most flexible item, the ultimate Holy Grail piece of fashion for rappers. A good pair of jeans can last you a lifetime. So if you have the budget and money is not the problem, better invest in Grails from high-end brands.

But, if you still have to work hard every day just to pay your bill, the most intelligent option might be the one from mid-tier brands. These are only a tiny bit lower quality than luxury brands but are a lot better than many fast fashion brands out there.

Another thing to keep in mind is the cut of the jeans. There is a variety of cuts like regular, bootcut, skinny, but in the underground world, rappers often choose slim fit or baggy jeans as both designs are timeless and perfect for this style. Some jeans have 2 knee blowouts or zippers at the bottom, which create a rough and casual look.

Besides jeans, track pants or striped pants are go-to outfits for rappers because they are comfortable, yet so stylish and edgy. Some people even use the long drawstrings as the highlight for the whole outfit. 

Step 3: How to choose your shoes

Nothing shows your personality better than a pair of sneakers. And every sneaker has its own story.

For a starter, you should start with basic shoes such as the Nike Air Force 1. This is such an iconic shoe and has a huge impact on the street style community.

This significant shoe was rocked by a lot of rappers and underground icons worldwide because it gives you a fresh and modern, a bit dusty look.

Skater’s shoes such as the Vans Oldskul can be another amazing choice. One special feature of Vans is that you can custom most of their shoes to create a unique piece of the outfit just for yourself.

You shouldn’t purchase hyped pairs of shoes right from the beginning because it will cost you a fortune, and you’d better get deeper into the street style world, get to know their story first.


Rappers have a huge influence on young generations these days, their free, generous lifestyle inspires people all around the world. Choosing the right outfit will help you show off your own character and stand out in the crowd.

I hope that you are now equipped with enough information to answer the question “How to dress like a rapper”. Thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to share this with your friends and remember to always live in style!

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