How Much to Tip Barber When Traveling?

Tipping for a barber is a normal thing when you have your haircut at a barbershop.

The tip is supposed to be the money that customers pay staff to present their satisfaction and appreciation for the service. 

However, many people still don’t know how much to tip a barber. Depending on many factors such as the total bill, the culture, the quality of the service, and so on, people will give different amounts.

How much does a haircut cost?

According to the Professional Beauty Association – an organization for beauty professors, the average price for women’s haircut is about $43, while men’s haircut price is about $28. However, the actual cost may be much higher.

Depending on the cost of your haircut, you can decide how much to tip barber.

The men’s haircut price can range from $10 to $100, but it depends on the city you travel to. For women, a haircut can cost up to $600 in a top hairdresser in New York City.

The difference in how much to tip barber is because of the quality of the service that you use. It includes the attitude of the barber, the ability to understand what you want for your hair, and the time you have to spend.

Why should you tip your barber?

When you give a tip to your barbers, they will see how you feel about their performance. How much the tip is, shows how pleasant you are after they serve you. People think that the more money you give your barber, the more you appreciate them.

Receiving tips is also the barbers’ motivation at work because their customers’ extra money is the praise for them. Therefore, receiving tips makes them feel more motivated to work better.

So how much to tip the barber when travelling?

Let us tell you the answer.

How much to tip a barber when travelling?

A barber or stylist can serve better when you give them more tips. But what are the standard rules for how much to tip barber?

In general, for excellent service, you should tip from 15 to 20 percents of your total bill. In some cases, you can tip more for the service that you suppose it is better than what you expect and tip less for low-quality service.

Besides, if there are others who work with you, except for your barber, for example, a shampoo person or a shoe-shine person, you should give them some dollars as well.

If you are in good terms with your barber, you can present him or her with a small personal gift or a monetary gift. The present can replace the tips or even include tips.

So now, you know how much to tip barber, right?

Nevertheless, you should still know how much to tip in each situation.

When should you tip more?

When to tip more than usual and how much tip you would give your barber is up to you.

The tip amount will depend on your personal experience on the service. In particular, you think your barber works well when he or she listens carefully to your demands. How your barber behaves is also a factor in considering the quality of the service.

There are some other factors such as their sense of humour, attitude, performance, skill, etc that play a role in deciding how much you will tip your barber.

As long as the customers are satisfied with what they experience and feel, they will give more tips than usual.

When should you tip less?

So how about giving less tip?

Opposite to giving more tips, giving less tip may be the result of bad behaviours, poor skills, unfriendly attitudes, messy space, and bad results as well.

Also, waiting for a long time makes you unsatisfied.

If you run into one of these problems, which makes you uncomfortable, you can choose another person for better quality.

Overall, you can give your barber less tip when you have a bad experience and feel discontented with the service.

So, you have got the answer for the question “How much to tip barber when travelling?”. And you will know what to do in each situation.

To conclude

With our sharing about how much to tip barber when travelling, have you decided on the tip amount?

Giving tips indeed shows that you are grateful to your stylist. Hence, if you are contented with the service, give them as much as you think they deserve.

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