Abandoned Places in Rhode Island That You Can Discover

In this day and age, we are often inundated with the idea that only bustling regions with all kinds of advanced means of entertainment can give us a whale of a time. All the while, isolated places in remote parts of the planet would never cut out for a relaxing trip. But frankly speaking, it is actually the other way around.

Despite being abandoned for decades and on the verge of collapsing as time pass by, uninhabited areas have their own charms. Rather than sun-kissed beaches and impressive culture, they captivate visitors with awe-inspiring scenery and a historical and somewhat eerie ambiance. They are also great places for exploration to those with a sense of adventure.

If you are looking forward to visiting such places, perhaps the abandoned places in Rhode Island will do for you. Allow us to introduce you to the most outstanding ones among them!

Pawtucket-Central Falls Train Station

Among the abandoned places in Rhode Island, the first one that you should check out is Pawtucket-Central Falls Train Station. Coming into operation in the early 1900s, the place only managed to stay around for roughly 50 years before getting shut down in 1980 and ended up abandoned until today.

Like any uninhabited area out there, time has done a number on the station. A lot of its distinct traits have long vanished, and some parts of the station are broken beyond restore. Nevertheless, being a structure of the last century, it still possessed many things that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. And this draws many visitors to the abandoned station during peak seasons.

Old stone house at Scarborough Beach

Next, we have a house – not really a house to be exact as most of it has crumbled and only the front part, as well as a few parts of the walls, remains throughout the time. However, being a stunning stone structure standing between lush green bushes, this abandoned place of Rhode Island still attracts many tourists, especially the photography enthusiasts.

By the look of the site, it is just the remnants of a demolished house, nothing more, nothing less. But things will be much different if you go to Scarborough Beach and see it with your own two eyes. So, you should consider visiting this old stone house once to truly contemplate its beauty to the fullest.

The Ladd School, Exeter

Of all the abandoned places in Rhode Island, this is perhaps the most bone-chilling ones as it resembling a structure straight out of a horror movie. The whole building is not in good condition, many parts of it have already collapsed, and several other parts will meet the same fate in the near future.

The entire place is at old as the hills and is always shrouded in a cold and unwelcomed atmosphere. Like there is actually something lurking inside its dust-casted rooms.

And perhaps there is. The building has a very dark history that can be gravely disturbing to the faint of heart. And many people have claimed that they have witnessed inexplicable things here. Spooky!

The Bell

Constructed somewhere in the 1800s, The Bell was once an elegant house. Unfortunately, it was neglected as time passed by, and eventually deteriorated and became one of the popular abandoned places in Rhode Island.

The paint has come off its wall, and its roof is in no better condition either. Plus, nature has already taken over the entire site, making it look like the lair of a witch or something. Still, the way we see it, it is still a nice place to take some creepy-style photos.


Heading to a crowded and riveting tourist spot is surely a good choice for an intriguing trip. Still, this does not mean that it is the only choice available. If you ever want to change the regular routine of every vacation, you should really head off to Rhode Island and contemplate the forgotten side of the world. It will definitely give you a whole new experience, something regular places of interest can never offer you.

I hope that this article will come in handy for you somehow. Anyway, please do not forget to tell us which your favorite abandoned places in Rhode Island are. Is it the rundown train station, the pretty stone house, or the seemingly haunted school? Or could it be that you have already had a different site in mind?

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