What to look for when renting a student house?

As a student, it is not always easy to find accommodation that ticks all your boxes. It pays to be savvy, prepared, and compare like for like. With deposits, bills, decorating costs – it’s worth spending some time deciding where you want to live.

House-hunting is probably second only to essays in terms of time-consuming student activities. If you’re looking for a studio, house, or share, this article will help you make the right decision on your next place of residence. Let’s dive in.

Damp and Mould

Damp can affect your well-being. Even once you have been de-molded and moved out of a property, you may still suffer from the effects, which can take months to recuperate fully.

Catching either of these harmful issues early on might save you to a large extent down the line. To avoid these messes, I’d recommend you rent a house with a well-functioning heating and cooling system. If your landlord isn’t able to install them, ask him to pay for the energy consumption. If he doesn’t agree with this solution, look for other accommodation.

Another tip when you get into a room to inspect it, don’t just open the rooms, measuring them and concluding they are nice and big. Take a look at ceilings, walls, and windows. It will help you spot potential problems with dampness or mold.

Water Availability

Water is essential for life and provides a house with an immediate sense of comfort. The constant supply of adequate water is often the difference between crap and a house that’s comfortable living. Please make sure all the bathtubs and sinks have their taps. And don’t forget to check if all those taps have enough pressure.

Appliances and Accessories

Student houses are usually rented “fully furnished” so you won’t have to worry about which items you need to bring with you. This means that during your inspection of the house, consider the house’s general appearance.

Also, inventory plays a significant role. You may disagree with your landlord about what items he includes in the property inventory. It is recommendable not to skip this important step while hunting for accommodation.

Personal Security

You cannot compromise your security. Just like in a restaurant or hotel, your best bet is to arrive early, view the property before other potential renters, and ask the landlord (or agent) questions concerning the area’s security. While you’re there, ensure all doors and windows lock properly.

This will allow you to tell if any of them are defective. You don’t want to come to your house broken into and your accessories vandalized. Security, therefore, should be your number one concern.

Location and Transport

One of the biggest deciding factors with student accommodation is location. If you don’t care where you live, this won’t be an issue. But most students will want to research what is around the area they live in. For instance, apartments in downtown Columbus OH are accessible, and the proximity of work and school is great.

Make sure that you can access shops within walking distance and buses/subways, trams, etc. It is therefore important to consider your proximity to your campus when hunting for accommodation.

Pest Infestation

You’ll never hear students complain about the presence of pests in their homes. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t present. More often than not, landlords wouldn’t inform the tenants about their presence. That means that rats and cockroaches would freely roam the halls, and mice may nibble on your food.

There is a wide range of potential health hazards posed by different pests, from allergies to serious diseases. Be sure to inspect your house surroundings and consult with renters for an honest review.

Bottom Line

So, you’ve found several rental properties and finally made a decision. You’ve promised yourself you wouldn’t look any further as this seems like a nice place to live. Yet, before you sign the contract and pay the deposit, try to hear from the current renters. You can then determine whether their opinions coincide with those expressed by the landlord. If they do, you better call off your search and hand over your hard-earned money without hesitation!

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