4 Ways Video Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Whether you run a start-up or a well-established business, you need video marketing to enhance your brand awareness, connect with more consumers, generate leads, and finally convert those leads into sales. The ulterior motive is higher sales, better profits, and a much greater ROI for every business, and video marketing is the perfect tool to get your business there.

It is a medium that gives consumers the most access to information, and you must acknowledge that consumers prefer video to any other traditional mode of marketing.

Moreover, 49% of businesses that use video marketing experience much faster growth in revenue. The power of video marketing is such that it surpasses images and text-based marketing by 1200%. Furthermore, 51.9% of marketers around the world list video as the content type with the highest ROI, and 70% say video is better than any other media.

Videos can visually demonstrate your products and services, attract customers and employees, enhance your productivity, and educate your target audience about your business.

However, you must have a specific strategy before indulging in video marketing. 70% of businesses lack a consistent marketing strategy.

Your business success depends on the right kind of video marketing. Here are some tried and tested video marketing tactics that help you give a boost to your company:

  • Start with an action plan
  • Build and frame a great story
  • Shorten your video
  • Promote your video on social media channels and everywhere else

Now, let’s delve deeper into how video marketing can help grow your business.

4 Ways in Which Video Marketing Can Grow Your Business Immensely

1. Video marketing promotes user engagement

  • The average Internet consumer spends 88% more time on websites with videos.
  • Buyers who watch videos tend to buy 1.81 times more than those who don’t.
  • Email open rates increase by 19% if you have the word “video” in the subject line.
  • The clickthrough rates increase by 65%, and deregistration is reduced by 26%.

Video is driving the growth of web traffic and is a brilliant way to brand your practices and differentiate yourself from the larger and more well-funded companies you compete with.

Quality is an important pillar in video marketing, so you must create video content to showcase your brand and introduce your company.

If you promote your Digital marketing strategy on multiple channels, especially on YouTube and social media platforms, you earn a higher chance of user engagement. Your target audience will respond to your content with likes/shares and comments, and you need to respond effectively.

This is also a chance for you to show why your brand or products are better than your competitors. You can closely watch your competition and play a better game at video marketing.

2. Video marketing helps you describe your products and services elaborately

If people don’t know what you are selling and how it may benefit them or maybe be useful for them, they will obviously not be interested in your business.

Video marketing is a great idea to showcase your products and services to the public and educate them about your business and how you maintain and retain quality.

If you’re trying to explain your value proposition or technology to non-technical buyers, or if you’re using a business process with elements that require many steps, combine audio and animation, create a small business video, and circulate it among your target audience.

This allows viewers to quickly and efficiently understand what your product/service is. In 3-5 minutes, a good explainer or tutorial/interview-based video can do a robust round of marketing for your products and services.

Video is thus a big asset that helps you enhance your sales and educates your leads and existing customers about your latest products and services, updates, deals, offers, discounts, etc.

3. Video helps raise the rankings of your content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a major benefit that you can derive from a robust video marketing strategy. Websites with videos have a 53 times better chance to be ranked on Google’s first page of search results. Moreover, companies that indulge in video marketing can generate 41% more lead traffic than a business that doesn’t use videos.

However, not all videos are created the same. You must incorporate some best practices and rules and regulations for creating SEO-enriched videos to rank on the top charts.

Your videos should not be poorly produced; instead, they should be professionally designed, with visually appealing content. Create high-quality content that viewers want to see and share and create alternative ways for users to find and engage your brand.

High-quality content affects not only search rankings but also enhances your chances of converting more leads into sales.

Use proper keywords and include them in your title, descriptions, CTAs, hashtags, thumbnails, and your content productively. Also, remember that YouTube prioritizes the number of seconds viewed, shares, comments, likes, and sites hosting videos when ranking video content.

An effective video strategy leads to successful marketing when you create meaningful and professional content that your audience can enjoy.

4. Video converts more customers/leads into sales

Companies using videos are 49% times more likely to sell year-over-year than those who don’t. In addition, sites that use video have an average conversion rate of 4.8%, while sites that don’t use video content have an average conversion rate of 2.9%.

An effective video marketing strategy can enhance your lead conversion rates by 80%, provided your video content is attractive and persuasive.

You must optimize your video placement and video type, add clickable links, use marketing automation, and hire a professional if possible.

To garner maximum conversions, make sure you customize your thumbnails and make your videos concise and entertaining. Start by framing a story and providing relevant product information to your viewers. You need to build a consumer community and gain their trust through your videos.

The quality of your videos is an important factor in your lead conversion process. As a business, you must invest in your content, and when you do, you’ll see your ROI grow automatically.


You might be thinking that to reap all the advantages and benefits of a video marketing strategy, you need to invest a lot. That’s just a myth. You need to have an effective marketing plan and strategy and advertise it consistently. Work smart and promote your videos wisely without investing tons of time, money, and effort. It may seem overwhelming at first, but the cost and time investment for a well-produced video is definitely worth the effort.

Video marketing helps you connect with viewers, generate more leads, and enhance your sales. To drive your overall business, you must create professional videos and make use of this great opportunity.

Hire a team of experts with state-of-the-art equipment and marketing know-how. Strategize well and create high-quality videos to impress your target audience and enable your business to reach your marketing goals.

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