7 Ways How to Approach Someone

One of the biggest mistakes people make when approaching someone is to go straight for the kiss. While getting your lips wet with a stranger is a surefire way to get a date, it’s not a good idea to start things off with a kiss. A good way to get a date is to take a time out and talk to a person a few times. This can be a funny conversation, a casual conversation about your day, or a deep conversation about your dreams or ambitions.

We have all heard them, and we have all rejected them. There are many ways to approach someone, and for some people it seems to be the only way to successfully get them to agree to a date. We have all been rejected at least once, but there are ways to overcome this obstacle. This article will teach you how to approach someone, but it will also show you how to avoid being rejected. Here are 7 ways to approach someone.

Have common interests

One of the most important parts of any conversation is the initial conversation opener. Without a good opener, you run a real risk of having a conversation that just never gets off the ground. When it comes to opening a conversation with a girl, the most common pickup lines are “Hi, I have a question for you” and “Do you have a minute?”. While these work well in most cases, they may leave some going cold. Then there are guys who just don’t know what to say.

An eye contact

It may seem like a trivial thing to make sure you make good eye contact when in conversation with a stranger or on a date, but there is a key benefit in making eye contact. Keeping eye contact with others in a conversation indicates interest, and interest is what we want to show when we go on a date. If we don’t show interest in our date, then they may get the idea that we’re not interested in them and may walk away thinking that they may not be good enough for us.

Avoid the small talk

People are often scared of approaching someone new because they think they’ll come off as too forward or too creepy. So, the question arises, how do you get past that “awkward” stage and make sure you end up totally crushing it? The answer is simple: don’t ask questions like “How’s your day?” or “Nice weather we’re having, huh?” Instead, ask them something unexpected like “What’s your name?” or “What inspired you to start this project?”

In a world where everyone is trying to get to know each other, there’s a lot of pressure to make a great first impression. With the current state of our technology, we’re always available to reply to text messages or emails right away. However, there’s a downside to that: a lot of the time, we end up with a lot of small talks. A study from the University of Michigan found that small talk can make people feel uncomfortable and bored, and it costs us a lot of time. It’s important to make sure that you don’t fall prey to small talk, but it’s also important to make the most of the time you have. The first step is to stop discussing the weather or other topics that you both have common interests.


We all have that one friend who is always willing to listen to anything that comes out of our mouths. You know that guy. You can talk to him about anything—from the latest movie to the games you played with your friends last night. But, unlike most people, he never seems to judge you for it. He is always there to listen to you.


It’s not like men like compliments, right? NOOO! It’s a myth!  It’s a complete lie, a total waste of time, and a complete waste of time. It’s a trick to get a stranger to pay attention to us. It’s a moment to show our caring and concern. It’s a way to make a stranger happy. It’s simple art. Well, maybe not that simple.  But, there is a way to get a compliment from a stranger, from a woman to a man.

Ask for their opinion

We have all been in a situation where we wanted to approach someone and say something about ourselves. Whether discussing the weather or asking for directions, it is very common to want to let our thoughts known in various situations. It is usually not a pleasant experience when we are rejected when we approach someone. It is even worse when we approach someone and end up with a stupid pickup line. We all know that pickup lines and cheesy comments are not very convincing and even make you look like a fool in front of people. But we don’t realize that we often give up on approaching someone when we try to make a cute, funny, or even a bit related pickup line and then leave it at that. If that is

It will be an experience

A simple yet powerful way to break the ice, or at least try to, is to make a wild guess about what the person you are talking to is thinking about. For instance, if you are talking to someone at a bar for the first time, you might say you think they are an airline pilot or that they are currently thinking about or planning for some upcoming event. If you are chatting with someone on the internet, you might comment on their profile picture or mention that you haven’t seen them in some time. If you are talking to someone you just met, you might just say something like, “That’s a great shirt! Where did you get it?” Just try to think of something that sounds natural.

There have been many talks lately about pickup lines, and for a good reason: pickup lines are a big part of how we interact with people, and they can make or break a first impression. However, for some, the topic of picking up people can be a little awkward to think about. It can also be a little embarrassing, as many people feel more comfortable discussing the topic with someone of the opposite sex. 

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