How To Use A Laminator And Ensure Your Documents Are Protected

The laminator should be seen as an essential piece of equipment for offices across the planet. It doesn’t matter if you work in an office or at home, you’ll find the right laminating equipment essential when undertaking your job.

Why A Laminator Is Essential

Laminators are used to seal a document inside a plastic sheath. It’s very easy to do and virtually impossible to remove the item from the laminate without damaging it. There are several reasons why this is important.


If you have a secure document, such as one that confirms personal information or the status of someone or something, then you’re not going to want to give people the opportunity to adjust the document. Laminating it means that this isn’t possible and the security of the information is preserved.

This is especially important if you use ID cards, laminating them helps to ensure they can’t be duplicated or used in any way other than the intended one.


If you’re presenting documents to someone as part of a reward or simply doing a company presentation then sealing the documents inside plastic is a great way to ensure they look professional and create the right impression of your business.


Laminated documents are protected from spills and other accidents. Instead of the liquid of food damaging the document, it is only on the laminate and can be easily wiped off.

Steps To Laminate

Laminating is simpler than you may think. You just need to know the right technique.

Get A Pouch

Pouches come in an array of sizes and levels of opacity. You need to decide which one is most appropriate for your document before you can laminate it. Once you’ve selected the right one, slide your piece of paper inside the pouch. Make sure it is positioned against the edge of the pouch.

Turn On The Laminator

The next step is to turn on the laminator. You’re probably using a heat laminator which warms the plastic of the pouch and effectively melts them together. It needs to be turned up and allowed to warm up before use.

There are cold laminators which use specially designed pouches. These are coated with an invisible glue that is activated when the laminator applies enough force to the pouch. If you have sensitive inks that may run under heat, the cold laminator is a better choice.

There may be a speed adjuster on the laminator, if so, choose the one that matches what you are laminating.

Position Your Pouch

With the laminator warmed up slide your pouch into the start position, it’s indicated on the machine. You can then press the start button and the machine will slowly draw the pouch in and through it, sealing it as it does so. Don’t rush this part, let the pouch move clear of the machine before you take it.

If you wish or need to you can trim excess plastic around the laminated document. However, it is better to leave it a few minutes before cutting. Then, admire your handiwork.

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