Upgrade Your Kitchen Style With These Cheese Board Serveware

Ever thought about why you were paying much more at a fine dining restaurant? And why is your corner street McDonald’s much much cheaper? It’s because McDonald’s is serving you with box boards. While some other restaurants have excellent serveware that enhances food presentation. That makes your food look appealing and appetizing. This makes the whole experience of dining more satisfactory for all your senses involved.

Similarly, good serving boards and dishes are the keys to hosting a house dinner that will be talked about weeks and months after. If you are fond of your designer kitchen, you have to have a serving cheese board that matches your kitchen’s glitz and glam.

Here’s how serving on different cheese boards can enhance your dining experience.

Marble Cheese Boards

A marble cheese board is an absolutely beautiful piece of serveware to have in your kitchen. In fact, some people manage to get marble serving trays that match the color of their own marble interiors. With a marble cheese board, you could be the host with style for your wine and cheese parties. A large cheese board could, however, get heavier. They are used by renowned chefs to do their craftsmanship with cheese or caramel. You could use them at your home too, but only when you’re slicing chicken breasts or dicing a pear. They might be too heavy to carry out to the lawn as breakfast trays. However, after getting used to the weight, they won’t feel that heavy after all.

Teak Wooden Cheese Boards

Wooden serving boards are really popular out in restaurants and a lot of homes. Wood, especially teak, has great lasting quality and is highly customizable. Thus, it sees major applications in cheese boards. So whether you need a round tray or a set of square cheese board trays, teak wood can easily be turned into any shape you desire. So when you are ready with your interiors for that sweet leaf-shaped serving tray, it can be ready within a week or even days.

Acacia Cheese Boards

Teak can sometimes be disadvantageous too as it is rather heavy for everyday use. Acacia, on the other hand, is a wood that is kitchen-friendly. On one side where too much moisture can affect teak’s quality, Acacia is a wood that is naturally water-resistant. While you have to dry up teak wood to store, you can just Acacia out in the open and let the water slide off it or evaporate. This is why with Acacia wood, the chance of fungus is nil. So a little cheesecake batter won’t do much damage. Cleaning, too, isn’t an issue with acacia cheese boards. The cheese board will remain in good condition for years to come.

Maple Cheese Boards

Another favorite wood for making servewares is found in plenty in America and the neighboring country – Maple Wood. The maple wood servewares have the most beautifully raw and natural look. It has a grainy texture that gives it a wholesome natural feeling. Maple wood is known for its durability and is thus used a lot for making chopping boards too. Think about the contrast a maple syrup bowl will exude on a creamy hue of a maple cheese board.

Epoxy Resin and Wood Boards

For those who want to have some bright hues along with your wooden interiors, wooden boards fused with epoxy resins can be a great addition to your kitchen space. Epoxy resin is a popular material in use for woodwork and custom furniture. The resin texture will not only give you a grip on the serving tray but will also add a facade of marble while being lighter than the actual stone boards.

Epoxy resin and wood boards can be of multiple types. The most common ones are acacia wood and epoxy resin cheese boards and maple wood and epoxy resin cheese boards.

Slate Cheese Boards

Slate is relatively a new material for cheese boards and even in the kitchen space. But, they are quickly becoming popular as cheese board serveware. Why? Firstly, slate cheese boards are like marble cheese boards. They bring a classic look and feel to your kitchen serveware. Secondly, they also don’t absorb any food smells from the surroundings. But most importantly, slate cheese boards are not prone to etching from acids. They are also less prone to discoloration and keep looking like new for many years with proper care.

Glass Cheese Boards

Glass is perfect in form and functions as a cheese board. They look highly attractive and provide a premium look to your kitchen servewares. Glass cheese boards are also easy to clean and require no maintenance. Another benefit of glass cheese boards is that they are resistant to scratches from your typical kitchen knives. Your glass cheese board is more likely to remain in top condition for many years. But the only downside of using a glass cheese board is the occasional screech you hear when you use a knife on glass. This cringy, irritating sound can sometimes ruin your cooking and dining experience.

How to Take Care of Your Cheese Board Serveware

A cheese board serveware requires maintenance if you want to keep it in pristine condition for a long period. Here’s how you can clean your cheese board servewares.

Cleaning a cheese board serveware is pretty straightforward in most cases. You can use a mild detergent and water to clean them. But avoid using detergents and other cleaning products that have abrasive chemicals in them. Using them can erode the texture of the cheese board serveware. After cleaning, leave them to dry and then use a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture.


Depending upon your needs, budget, and taste, you can choose any of the cheese boards mentioned above to upgrade your kitchen style. When you are hosting people at the house, you want them not to be silent and judge the surroundings. Rather, you want them to appreciate the hosts and talk about it. Use these exciting cheese boards to put up an impression that you give importance to the most important part of human life: food.

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