6 Simple Methods Of Making Your Home More Valuable And Sell Faster

If you’re looking to sell your home then you are almost certainly going to want the best price possible. It doesn’t matter if you are retiring, upgrading, or downsizing, the better the price the more funds you’ll have to move on with.

The good news is that it is easier than you think to increase the value of your home and, in many cases, it doesn’t involve spending large amounts of money. Remember, your house is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, that’s usually a matter of perspective.

Try The Auction

The first step in selling your house faster and for more money is to approach your local auctioneer. They’ll be able to tell you how much your house is likely to sell for and whether there is a better day or even time of year to sell it.

The great thing about an auction is you can set your minimum price but there is no maximum, you may be very surprised by how much you get.

Paint It

A very simple way to improve the look, and therefore value, of your home, is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Stick to a traditional colour outside your home as this ensures it blends in with the other houses in the neighbourhood. It’s much harder to sell your house if you have one that stands out for the wrong reasons.

Inside your house, you can quickly repaint all the rooms. Make sure you choose a pastel or white colour. Going for neutral allows potential buyers to see themselves in the property.

Tidy The Yard

First impressions really count. In fact, before people view they are likely to drive by your house and assess it. To help get a positive impression and increase its value you need it to look great. That means removing all the weeds from the yard and driveway, giving a clean line of sight to the front door, and generally making it look nice.

It’s simply a case of some manual labour but it’s worth it.

Remove Clutter

It’s important to remove the clutter inside your home as this helps the property to feel larger and for people to see the flow of the home.

However, removing clutter doesn’t mean removing everything personal. The home is more attractive to buyers, and therefore more valuable if it feels lived in and loved. You need a balance between the amount of clutter and a homely feel.

Expand Your Space

Selling is a great time to look at your available space and find ways to expand it. The more spacious a property feels the more valuable it will be. It will also be easier to sell. In living rooms try to keep the couch away from the wall, it makes the room feel larger. Take a look at what furniture you have and consider eliminating a few pieces.

It all opens the property and makes it more attractive.

Set the Ambiance

Finally, if you are having any viewings don’t forget the power of aromas. Freshly baked bread or cookies smell delicious, as does freshly brewed coffee. It evokes pleasant memories and ideas for home living. In short, people will fall in love with the property and be prepared to pay whatever it takes to become the next owners.

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