Need to Ship Your Car to Another State? Read This Article, First

When transporting a car to another state, you’ll need to be flexible about pickup and delivery dates and a lot of the other moving parts. If not, you may be in for a disaster – so read this article before making any decisions.

What Does It Cost?

Cost to ship a car depends on several variables, such as its size and condition as well as distance between pickup and delivery locations. Car shipping companies will also factor in any services such as fuel delivery and insurance that might be necessary; so getting a quote from a reputable auto transporter is the best way to know exactly how much shipping will cost you.

Use an auto shipping marketplace to quickly get instant quotes from multiple carriers in one convenient place, which may be cheaper than booking directly with them. Plus, you can test out different options until finding one that meets all of your needs!

When requesting a quote for your vehicle, be sure to provide as much detail as possible about it – for instance its manufacturer, year, model and color may all have an effect on its price. Also keep in mind the location where pick-up/drop-off will take place as this could significantly delay its arrival; for example, if it lies off an established route then picking up/delivering may take more time.

When shipping your vehicle quickly, expedited service may be worth paying extra for. But before making this decision, be sure to plan and compare options carefully so you’re getting what’s best. Upon delivery of your car at its destination, inspect it thoroughly for any signs of wear or damage before signing the bill of lading if necessary.

How Long Does It Take?

Car services provide an essential service for those needing to transport their vehicle but cannot drive themselves as it may take too much time. This could also be for any number of reasons – buying/selling second-hand cars online, moving house, relocating across state lines or countries etc. – however when selecting a company to transport a car to another state, it is crucial that you understand both its timeline and process before choosing them. It’s a complicated, time-consuming process, after all.

Typically, longer routes take more time to transport vehicles because carriers must deviate from their main routes to pick up and deliver your car. Therefore, selecting an optimal central location as both pickup and delivery points is recommended for optimal service delivery.

Before selecting a shipping company, make sure you do your research carefully by reading reviews and soliciting recommendations from friends and family. Once done, compare different quotes carefully as some may offer temptingly low prices but come with hidden costs you may not detect until it’s too late.

How Easy Is the Process?

Once a carrier has your car, they’ll take steps to ensure its security for safe travel on highways – so the job is as easy as finding the right company to work with. When choosing a company to transport it for you, make sure they have an outstanding track record and insurance. Inquire about their customer service; the more helpful and responsive they are the easier it will be working together.

Before your vehicle is loaded onto a carrier, both you and the driver will inspect it to make sure there are no scratches or dents. In addition, both of you may be asked to sign a bill of lading – an official report detailing its condition – so before placing your car onto a trailer it is a good idea to take clear pictures as well as providing all relevant information to the carrier.

Enclosed shipping ( is often recommended for high-end vehicles and is the safer choice than open shipping. Enclosing will protect against weather damage while car shipping companies take extra precautions to ensure it arrives undamaged. Enclosed transport is also the optimal solution for long-distance shipping.

What About Insurance?

Though less than five percent of vehicles experience damage during transport, it is prudent to take extra measures. Before choosing a car transport company, always inquire about their insurance policy and verify its specifics before booking a shipment. Although licensed auto transporters must carry liability insurance, some also offer cargo coverage which could protect your vehicle in case it sustains damage during shipping.

Before hiring a car transport company, this site suggests that you should always inquire into their policy and understand its specifics in order to ensure your vehicle will be covered should something unexpectedly go wrong with its shipment and also how much deductible would apply should claims occur? You should also be mindful if specialty items like spoilers fall within their insurance coverage policy.

Shipping multiple cars at once can save both time and money when shipping across the country. Most companies can accommodate multiple cars on one truck, giving you peace of mind knowing all your cars will arrive safely to their respective destinations at once. So if you’re moving across the country soon, consider using professional transport services for both cost savings and time efficiency!

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