Shaving Cream Vs Soap – Pros And Cons Of Them And What Should You Use?

Are you wondering about selecting between shaving cream vs soap? Don’t worry about that because we are here to help you out. In this article, we will give you a detailed review, as well as a comparison between two products so that you can opt for one.

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Shaving Cream Vs Soap

1. Lather Ability

Generally, the foaming ability of shaving cream is better than that of soap. For this reason, shaving cream is best for shaving beginners or someone who wants to shave quickly.

As far as we’re concerned, shaving cream is usually soft and a bit sticky so that you can use your fingers to put it on your face with just a little water. Nevertheless, it would be better if you used a shaving brush to create more foam before shaving.

When it comes to the shaving soap, it’s made to be harder than the shaving cream. Therefore, to produce lather, you must use a shaving brush and more water. If not, we can’t make sure you could shave your facial hair.

2. Ingredients

Broadly speaking, shaving soap usually contains oil, like coconut, lanolin, or shea butter. Quality shaving cream is derived from plant oils, for example, palm or soybean.

These ingredients are also called glycerin or glycerol (like a chemical). This chemical is a natural humectant contained in the shaving soap to absorb water rapidly. Of course, the combination of glycerol and different oils will offer appropriate lubrication and cushion.

3. Types Of Skin

In the first place, shaving cream is proven to be suitable for users with dry skins. The reason is that this product has an excellent ability to lather plus goopy property, as a result, your dry skins will be supplied with a little water when shaving.

In the second place, shaving soap is a perfect choice for you because they are safe for all skin types. This product’s ingredients are believed to be suitable for every kind of skin. However, you should still check its nutrition facts carefully first to know which component you can be allergic to.

4. Price

In terms of price, compared to the shaving soap, the shaving cream will usually cost higher. Nonetheless,  it would help if you remembered that on average, while shaving cream can only last for roughly two months, shaving soap even lasts longer than that.

All in all, you should focus on the ingredients of the products to ensure that you can buy your satisfied one.

Pros And Cons Of Them

Shaving Cream


Products of shaving cream have a good ability to lather. As we mentioned earlier, shaving cream is considered to produce more foam when shaving. Thus, you just need to spend little time cutting your facial hair.


Many products of shaving cream, typically canned shaving cream, are very cheap. We don’t suggest using this dirty-cheap canned type but buy many cost-effective products like the tubed type instead.

Shaving Soap


For most products of shaving soap, their good point is that they have no scent. But if you enjoy a quality shaving soap with a pleasant smell, you can opt for scented products at drugstores or prestige stores.


On the minus side, shaving soap is difficult to create foam. Because of the different texture and consistency of soap, you have to spend a longer time on shaving, proper practice, and skillful technique to lather efficiently. Therefore, if you aren’t a hard-working shaver, this shaving soap isn’t born for you!

What Should You Use?

You should know that a high-end shaving cream vs soap will quickly create a thick lather that will offer a feeling of comfort for your skin. The shaving cream is an excellent choice for beginners to wet shaving due to great lather ability.

Besides, a shaving soap can take more time to lather, but thanks to high glycerin, the lather is quite great after that. Fundamentally, the process of making the soap lather is somewhat tiring and unpleasant.

At last, the decision is on your own. But we highly recommend you select shaving cream so that you can get pleasant experiences of shaving.


1. What’s the benefit of using shaving cream?

In terms of shaving cream’s advantages, this product maintains the moisture in the facial hair while shaving, making it smoother to shave earlier. On top of that, shaving cream ensures less rubbing and lessens the high risk of irritation for your skin.

2. Can you shave without shaving cream?

If you shave your facial hair without water or just with a razor, there’s a likelihood of creating cuts and burns on your face. In that case, you can take a washcloth or a cotton pad, wet it, and pat the areas you need to shave. You can refer to this solution!


In a nutshell, after this honest review, the hard choice between shaving cream vs soap can now be solved by yourself, right? The decision depends on your intended use and preference. Anyway, we hope that your decision about this purchase will satisfy your requirements!

Good luck!

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