How to Repair Over-Processed Hair

You may think that you can only damage your hair by over-dyeing or bleaching. However, there are many normal things that we do for the sake of beauty that can damage our hair. Overwashing, under conditioning, using hot styling tools, and relaxer treatments can all result in damaged hair.

The good news is, that over-processed hair that looks frizzy and dry doesn’t have to be permanent. You will have to change some of your beauty habits to see an improvement in your hair.

An afternoon at my favorite hair salon in Houston and a bit of rethinking your beauty routine can help you to revitalize your hair. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can repair your overprocessed hair.

Stop Coloring Your Hair

You may want a rainbow of colors in your hair, but that means that you will be sacrificing the health of your hair for the sake of fashion. If you want to start reversing some of the overprocessing damage that you have done to your hair, you have to give up the dyes. When you color your hair or bleach it, the natural moisture is stripped from the strands. The harsh chemicals that are used in hair dyes can damage your follicles and make your ends brittle and prone to splitting.

Visit the Salon

One of the easiest ways to give your hair new life is to visit your favorite salon. Talk to your stylist about hair cuts that are both flattering and good for damaged hair. You may have to say goodbye to a few inches of your length, but a new cut will give your hair a new refreshed look and feel.


Over processed hair is in desperate need of more moisture. Hot styling tools and harsh dye can strip your hair of its natural oil and moisture. If your hair feels and looks like barnyard straw, it’s time to think about deep moisturizing. Treat your hair to a deep conditioning session at least once a week to start seeing a difference.

Less Styling

Your hairdryer, hot curlers, and straightening wand are all practical styling tools for your hair, but they can cause damage. The high heat levels on your hair can strip your hair of moisture and make your hair strands weak and frizzy. Give your tools a break and embrace your natural hair for a few weeks to help repair your overprocessed hair.


There are plenty of hair treatments available to help with your hair repair journey. Talk to your stylist about treatment products that are right for you. Hair treatments or masks are designed to enrich your hair with nutrients, natural oils, and moisture to help repair the follicles. You should add hair treatments to your regular weekly beauty routine for the best results.

If your hair is suffering from overprocessing, follow these tips to help you repair the damage of overprocessing and move forward towards beautiful hair that will turn heads.

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