9 Reasons to Choose Glamping over Camping

Suppose you do not like camping for any reason. In that case, glamping is your best bet at getting a luxury camping experience. With glamping, you can fit a bed inside with an attached bath and other amenities that are absent in camping. It combines a hotel experience with outdoor camping, perfect for your comfort in the wild.

Glamping is capturing the attention of many tourists who would otherwise not go camping. It can especially be hard when you are excited to camp out, but snow and rains ruin your stay. With glamping, you can enjoy the weather without worrying about the tent falling apart.

Without the stress of staying out in the open and the wild out of the way, you can enjoy nature and appreciate its beauty more because you’ll feel comfortable with your stay.

It’s even more convenient when traveling with kids. You can ensure a comfortable lodge for your kids with all their needs fulfilled. You can even find kid-friendly yurts (glamping tents) at certain resorts and glamping grounds.

Here are a few other reasons to choose glamping over camping for your next vacation.

The Best of Both Worlds

By glamping, you get the experience of staying in a hotel while enjoying all outdoor camping activities. For example, you can go glamping in Smoky Mountains while surrounded by the astounding beauty of the Oldest Mountains in the world. Imagine glamping amid the great mountains and enjoying a bonfire, barbecue, or a cup of Joe.

Unlike camping, you do not need to worry about electric connections for barbecue grills or running water while glamping. Instead, you can place a refrigerator in your camp with an electric connection with an open fire outside to roast marshmallows or make dinner.

While camping, it can be hard to stay warm. But with glamping, you can warm up and change into dry clothes if you get wet in the rain. In addition, electric connections allow for heating and cooling systems inside the camp.

Safe and Secure

While you may think twice before camping in the wild, you can stay away from bugs and dirt by glamping. In addition, you can easily lock or unlock the opening of your camp whenever you see fit.

Additionally, many yurts include safety boxes and cupboards with locks. Therefore, you do not need to worry about leaving your valuables behind while you roam outside. It provides a safe lodging experience.


Unlike camps, you do not need to set up your tent. No matter when you arrive, you will find your yurt already tethered and set up for you. It is like checking into a hotel room where everything is prepared before arrival.

It also means not carrying your camping gear with you on top of other stuff.

Room for Your Pets

Glamping can ensure enough room and safety for your furry friend if you plan on vacationing with your pet. When camping, pets struggle to find shelter or a comfortable space to rest and play. You cannot even leave your pet in a separate camp, so yurts or bell tents are the perfect options if you want to enjoy your getaway with a pet.

With an available deck-out option, you can set up for your pet when they want to stay outside. Therefore, they will have ample space to move about their business.


Glamping is an excellent option for staycations. It is a more affordable option, especially for adventurous spirits, large families, and big travel groups.

If you travel abroad with your family, you can save on hotel expenses and spend them on experiences instead. However, your air tickets and visas will cost a lot on their own. Therefore, save some money to make the most out of your vacation.

Perfect for Events and Festivals

Glamping is fantastic for traveling long distances to attend a certain event or festival. If the events are open air, there usually are tents at a nearby site.

You don’t have to stay in noisy campgrounds with loud music and disruptive drunken revelers at a festival. 

Therefore, if you attend a festival or event, check the glamping options nearby for a safe and luxurious experience.

Glamping is Breezier

Glamping is breezier, unlike camps and hotels, since it is larger and higher than a camping tent. It also has larger windows to let air pass through. As a result, it ensures smooth airflow and ventilation without compromising heating or cooling systems.

Therefore, you can get a comfortable night’s sleep without suffocation, humidity, or temperature fluctuations during the night.

Alternatively, suppose you are glamping in a relatively colder region like the mountains. In that case, you can shut your windows while keeping your ventilation system afloat to stay warm.

Designed For Convenience

Unlike camps, glampers are esthetically pleasing with rugs, furniture, fairy lights, lamps, and proper flooring. You can even request a tent with customized facilities.

You can place rocking chairs, coffee tables, or lamps on the deck or ask the facility to provide them to you. In high-luxury glamping, you will find hotel-level interior and designer furniture items lighting up your space, making you feel more at home.

Doesn’t Compromise Style

Unlike camping, where you have to dress casually, you can keep your style statement up when glamping. With available drawers and cupboards, you can organize your clothing items and accessories without wrinkling them.

Whenever you want to head out, you can be as glamorous and stylish as you wish. It rules out stuffing your clothes into a bag, which means you can only bring your casuals along. However, with glamping, you can dress up formally and look your best when stepping out.


Glamping is a luxury camping experience where you can camp out safely and enjoy the amenities of modern life. It offers the best of both worlds, with outdoor adventures and the lodging experience of a hotel.

You don’t have to set it up and pack it. Instead, you can bring your pets along. Glamping tents are ideal for festivals and events.

Moreover, it is breezier, well designed, and allows you to step out in Style.

Therefore, consider glamping over camping for your next vacation for a more comfortable and affordable experience. 

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