Everything You Should Know About OTC Benefits in Medicare Advantage Plans

Counter medication is one of the most common expenses most of us have, which can be more expensive than one would realize. Medicare advantage OTC benefits help cover the cost of these drugs. But what are OTC cards and how do they help? We’ll cover everything you need to know about this type of medical coverage.

What is the Medical Advantage OTC Card?

A Medicare Advantage over-the-counter drug benefit plan offers a prepaid card for OTC medication. You can use this card to buy most health products as well, and your insurance carrier takes care of reloading your card every month.

Most retail stores across the country accept OTC cards to ensure customers face no difficulty using them. However, it’s necessary to mention that the medicare card differs from the Medical advantage card, which again is different from the OTC card. Many people do wonder how easy it is to get the MA OTC drug card. Well, the process is quite simple.

How To Get a Medical Advantage OTC Drug Card?

If you’re planning on getting OTC benefits with your Medical Advantage plans, there are many options. Coverage is offered with most MA policies, which is why these plans are often known as ‘all in one.

If you don’t have an MA plan, you will have to enroll in a policy to reap the benefits of an OTC card. Getting the card itself is much easier than you think, once you have a plan. When you enroll in MA health plans, your carrier offers instructions and points you to their website which details all the plans and added products you can buy under your plan. Simultaneously, you will also find details of the over-the-counter card and directions for how you can buy medications once you have the card.

Do Medicare Advantage Plans Help Pay for All OTC Drugs?

OTC cards can help give you an allowance of sorts for most health products and OTC drugs. Over 50% of the healthcare beneficiaries with MA plans have enrolled in the OTC benefits. MA policies often enter into contracts with large pharmacies to enable people to reap their over-the-counter benefits with their drug cards easily.

Some of the policies can even include home delivery charges of your otc drugs. The card balance and the benefits it offers vary from plan to plan and provider to provider. For specific information, contact the provider directly.

Which OTC Medicines Are Covered Under the MA Plan?

While the medicines you can receive under your plan differ from provider to provider, most policies include the following:

  • Cold and cough medications
  • Antibiotics
  • Flu medication
  • Bandages and first-aid products
  • Digestive medications
  • Denture-related products
  • Orthopedic support
  • Sleep medication
  • Pain relievers
  • Wart removal medication

This isn’t a concrete list of available medications but rather a list of products that most plans cover.

If you decide you don’t need help covering OTC products, the Original Medicare can serve you well. But if you do need to get OTC Benefits, you can find a Medicare Advantage that offers this benefit. For the best plan, compare between different providers and choose the best for you.

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