K-beauty rituals

You may have seen or read so many articles that relate to this article. And you were wondering if you are missing some things. The skin experts in the west look at medicinal remedies like exfoliates, retinol, and other factors. And you wonder where additional steps come in from. And what do those steps offer? For us to get into the k-beauty ritual, we need to understand what it is.

Jude Chao, a Taiwanese American blogger, discovered this ritual. It was after having the addiction of dipping the toes in a skincare subreddit. She says that this k-routine is just an application of many layers that k-beauty made popular in the world. Unlike the previous method that we grew up knowing, this method adds face masks, ampoules, essences, and serums.

There are very many variations in this routine, but this particular routine focuses on a certain order. 

  1. Oil-bases cleanser application
  2. The Water-based cleansers.
  3. The Exfoliator.
  4. The Toner
  5. The Essence
  6. Ampoules or serum
  7. The Sheet mask.
  8. The Eye cream
  9. The Moisturizer.
  10. The Sun protection (during day time)

If you follow these steps slowly and carefully, you will have the ability to know the new signs that your body is showing. In case you are a student visit US Essays Writers for writing a paper for you. It also may concern beauty tips.

Oil cleanser

It is a step that can’t skip to other steps. Begin with this step, and other steps will follow. You may choose not to be loved, but you can use plus as a cleanser too. These oils will draw out excess oils, makeup, and dirt, and any other small details on your face. 

Water-based cleaner

This part of cleaning your face makes sure that your face is very clean (squeaky clean). You must pass through this stage for you to move to the next stages of cleaning your face.


When you take time to free yourself from dead skin, Acnes scars tend to disappear, and hence the absorption of these particular products is easy.


Toners prepare your skin for the next stage. So if you are shopping for Asian products, you will notice them using lotion instead of toners. Western countries call them toners, not lotions.


This k-ritual starts with small products, and then it adds up thicker products. They add nourishment to your skin.

Ampoules and serums

Serums are those ingredients that will make your skin shine. They aim at whatever problems you will have with your skin. 

Sheet mask

It is a unique way to mask. Because of the way they apply these masks to your skin. It will ensure that a lot of nourishment enters your skin instead of escaping to the air. 

Eye cream

You will need some eye cream to remove some signs of aging. That is if you have specific goals for your eye area.


It will help in keeping the hydration on your skin stable.

Sun protection

The sun is like that “enemy” to your skin. So, in this case, you will have to protect yourself from sunshine. When you expose yourself to the sun, signs of aging begin to manifest. The rate at which the acne scars are healing becomes slow.


It is a 10-step process, so be sure to follow all the ten steps and don’t skip any.

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