The Importance of Taking Care of Your Teeth

According to statistics, by the age of 50, many people have lost more than ten teeth, including their wisdom teeth. Usually, teeth occur due to gum diseases, facial injury, smoking, and tooth decay. If teeth issues aren’t addressed properly and timely, these can evolve into greater issues that affect one’s lifestyle and quality of life.

You might be shocked to know that untreated teeth issues can even cause early death. Here are four reasons you should take care of your teeth, brush twice a day, and not ignore your dentist appointments. 

Look & Feel Young 

Looking and feeling young for life is on everyone’s list. While buying expensive serums and taking care of your body is one way to get there, the other way also leads to the dentist. Yes, you read this right: if you want to look and feel young, you need to go to the dentist, like the Family Braces NW Calgary

The position of our jaw determines, for the greatest part, how old we look. The distance and contact between the teeth can make a face appear longer, shorter, younger, or older. If we look at a young and beautiful face, we divide it into three equal proportions. 

If something goes wrong with our teeth, such as we lose teeth, we also lose height in the lower part of the face, which disrupts facial harmony, making us look older. Simultaneously, the loss of teeth or tooth decay generates other problems, such as loss of confidence, headaches, neck pains, disruptive sleep patterns, etc. 

Boost Life Expectancy

If you want to live a long healthy life, you might want to brush your teeth twice a day. Instead of rushing through the process of brushing your teeth, take your time, preferably two minutes. If you find it hard, you may want to listen to your favorite song while brushing your teeth. 

According to research, people who have healthy teeth by the age of 70 have a greater life expectancy than those who have lost most of their teeth by this age. The life expectancy of people with healthy teeth is 100; whereas, those who have lost more than five teeth as they reach 60 are at a greater risk of dying. 

Improve Quality of Life

People with teeth issues tend to smile less than those with healthy teeth. Besides, people with decaying teeth or missing teeth also fail to enjoy food. They might have gum diseases or misaligned teeth that can cause a problem during chewing food. The misalignment of teeth can also put pressure on facial and neck muscles, leading to a further decline in the quality of life.

Unaddressed and ignored tooth problems can also cause slurred speech and headaches that might cause a person to withdraw socially. Tooth decay is something no one is proud of, which is why bad teeth can cause the confidence level to drop. The fear of being judged and criticized also causes people with tooth problems to avoid conversing and interacting with people. 

Reduce Health Issues

As we mentioned before, unaddressed tooth problems can be the underlying reason for various other health issues, such as chronic headaches, heart diseases, diabetes, cancers, dementia, gum diseases, gingivitis, and osteoporosis. 

Older people with teeth diseases are at a greater risk of premature death, which is why oral health shouldn’t be ignored at any age. If teeth problems get ignored for long, it can develop into oral cancer or acute bacterial infection.

By visiting the dentist regularly and taking care of your teeth, you won’t only look and feel young and boost your overall health and quality of life. 

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