Everything You Need To Know About Hydration, Physical Fitness And How Much To Drink

The human body is roughly 60% water. It’s an essential component as it helps to carry electrical signals from your brain to other parts of your body. It also facilitates the introduction of nutrients into cells and the removal of toxins.

Of course, you lose water all the time, most commonly by sweating or when you urinate. In order to stay hydrated you need to drink more. As a general guideline, you’ll have heard experts mention eight glasses a day.

This is a good starting point. However, your water consumption will depend on several factors, including the amount of physical fitness you do.

Accessing Water

It’s not easy to carry eight glasses of water around with you all day. Although, having the water with you will make it more likely that you drink enough. Instead of carrying glasses with you, it’s possible to carry a reusable bottle and refill it throughout the day. The most effective option for refilling is for you to invest in one of the best water coolers on the market. This will give you instant access to high-quality water at home and at work.

Your Hydration Level

The more you exercise the more you’ll sweat and the greater your water loss. That means you’ll need to consume more to replace the water lost. Alongside this, you will want to consider replacing the minerals you’ve lost when you exercise and sweat.

The easiest option is to carry water with you while you exercise. This can be in a bottle or, if you prefer, in a specially designed rucksack.

The Benefits Of Hydration

Your body will work better when it is hydrated as the cells get the nutrition they need. But, you’ll also find it is easier to concentrate, you’ll have greater energy levels, and you will feel more alert.

In addition, research shows that being hydrated helps to speed up healing. You should consider drinking a glass of water when you feel hungry. It’s common to mistake hunger for thirst, drinking a glass of water can stop you from snacking, helping you to maintain a healthy weight.

Keep It Fresh

Some people love the taste of water and that makes it very easy to drink it all day long. However, for many people drinking water can be tedious. A water cooler helps as you can choose cold water, which always tastes better.

But, the best way to encourage more water drinking is to add some fruit to a jug or bottle of water. The fresh fruit will infuse the water with flavour without reducing its hydrating ability.

Remember, if you exercise regularly and enjoy the associated health benefits, you’ll want to drink more water than the average. While it is possible to overhydrate, it’s very difficult to do. The safest approach is to drink a glass of water whenever you feel thirsty or hungry, your body is surprisingly good at telling you what it needs.

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