How to Sweep A Girl off Her Feet: The Most Crucial Tips

Wooing women is hard, but that is probably one of the most important things that men – boys and adults alike – have to learn.

So what should you do about it?

We know that you visit our site for a reason. You may be worried about how to sweep a girl off her feet.

Let us help you with some essential tips below.

How to Sweep a Girl off Her Feet Tips

Put aside some time for her

You are not a superman.

If you think you’re smart and can squeeze several dates in a single night, please think again.

Time spent together is important in the first phase of a relationship. You need it to know her and let her know about you and your life too.

Dating is not a sprint; let’s remember that.

Rushing through a date never is never a good idea, sometimes even ruins her the impressions on you. You can learn a lesson about how to sweep a girl off her feet from Barack Obama and his first date when he spent a whole day with Mrs. Obama.

Become a real gentleman

Being a gentleman is not less important as many ‘being bad boy’ guides have suggested.

Discard the idea that if you don’t focus on the lady but your phone, or even talk to other people, you will become more attractive. That’s the fastest way to make a girl never want to see you again.

Also, make her feel safe by inviting her Maclaren Vale wineries for lunch. This way, she will feel safer and will enjoy the scenery as well. 

Be confident, even if you’re shy

Don’t panic about it.

There is nothing embarrassing about shyness. That is just a natural personality that many people have. If the girl likes you, she will meet you again.

Many guys try to hide their shyness. They’re afraid of their partners knowing about it when they have no idea about how to sweep a girl off her feet.

But don’t.

Try to be honest and comfortable. You can even joke about it, so your date will know how confident you are about yourself.

Be funny and charming

Women like anyone that can make them laugh. Your fancy clothes and sexy body mean nothing when you seem to be a boring guy who are always asking silly questions.

This is hard, though.

Being funny is not a trait that many people are born with. Learning the tricks is even harder, especially when you are new to learning how to sweep a girl off her feet.

You should not be a machine and tell a joke you have prepared before as women are smart enough to know this.

The best advice we can give you is just being yourself. Don’t fake things in a desperate attempt to make her laugh. The atmosphere might become awkward, and it’s also a huge turn-off.

Relax, and everything will be alright.

Be understanding and show interest

Remember, a woman is also a human.

The girl you’re going to  date may be just as nervous. Maybe she is searching through the Internet for recommendations, just like what you are doing.

Your girl may also get shy easily as well, so don’t judge everything too hard in the first few times.

Be polite. Be patient. Make sure that she knows there is nothing to worry about.

Also, don’t just talk about yourself. Every woman hates a man who only talks endlessly about his life: his dog, his jobs, his hobbies, etc.

Try to listen more.

Let her know that you’re actually interested in her stories. Even if you just have a bad day or not in bad shape, use the last energy left in your body to focus on her.

Have a read about how dating expert Ger O’Sullivan thought about the importance of asking questions when he talked about how to sweep a girl off her feet.

Don’t lie

This is the ultimate advice – don’t ever lie to a woman.

Women hate who lie, especially on a regular basis.

Don’t imagine things you never do to impress her. For example, don’t tell her you had a good time in Europe when actually you have never been there. And try not to exaggerate the importance of your jobs if it is not that significant..

Be resilient

You’re going to need a thick skin if you want to have a date with the girl you like.

Develop your resilience to situations you don’t expect, such as insanity, weirdness, and rejection. On the way to a happy ending, you will see a lot of women that don’t like you.

This is perfectly normal!

Don’t give up that fast. You still have plenty of time ahead to find the right woman for your life, and you will never know how the story unfolds.


Do you feel a little more confident right now after having read our article?

We don’t pretend that learning how to sweep a girl off her feet is easy. But with the advice from our heart above, we hope you can make great impressions on your partner to begin a long-lasting relationship.

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