Tips on How To Install An Exterior Sliding Barn Door

Making a sliding door is a great idea to change your house and bring your living spaces a touch of charm. Whether you like the industrial, vintage, modern, or even provincial look, a sliding barn-style door would be a perfect look for your house.

You are wondering how to install an exterior sliding barn door? This article will help you. Do not wait any longer. Dig into this post!

How To Install An Exterior Sliding Barn Door

Exterior sliding barn doors have now become an appealing alternative to a conventional door though a variety of materials which make it more costly than a regular door. You would need these for tools: drill, router, hammer, level, brad, and stud finder. And now, we will go to the step on how to install an exterior sliding barn door. Go!

Step 1: Choose a Suitable Door And Right Position

First and foremost in the process of how to install an exterior sliding barn door, you have to choose a suitable door for your needs. Remember to note the feature below:

The height and Width

Always pick the door which is wider than the room’s entrance. When locked, the door must be enabled to block any light from the top and two sides. For wider openings, imagine two barn doors that cross in the center.

Do not expect much from a sliding barn door when you’re looking for real privacy. The door sides’ gaps prevent it from blocking the sound out, and you can see beyond the door. That’s why sliding doors are recommended for a kitchen divider, dining room, or a playroom rather than closets, toilets, pantries, or bedrooms.

Experts suggest that the distance should only cover the gap, it should not be too far. The majority of traditional interior doors are usually either 6 feet, 8 inches, or 8 feet high. Suitable distance will help the sliding barn door hangers roll easily along the track connected to the blocking above the door.

The Thickness

According to the Standard, exterior doors often have a thickness of 1 3/4 inches (compared to 1 3/8 inches of interior doors). It means that the exterior barn door you get is usually thicker than the interior one. Therefore, you will have to buy a track that can fit your door.

Suitable Position

When there is an outlet nearby the place you add the door, it is smart to contact a professional electrician to assess the position of lines behind the wall so that you can not puncture them. You also need to note how the area around would be when the door opens. In such places, remember outlets and furniture could be covered.

Step 2: Assemble and Cut the Track

You need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the track with the brackets. Cut this track to an appropriate length of twice the door’s Width, which allows the door to open the whole distance of the space, as in our instance below.

A 3′-door opening needs a 6′-track for the full working order of the door. If grooves of the wheel are small enough, they can affect directly on the edge. The track needs a rounded top as the wheels to show scallop. A metal construction tension line that is cut to the right length and the ends twisted can keep the wheels from sliding off the track.

Step 3: Drill Holes in the Track

Next, use a metal-cutting drill bit to estimate, drill holes on the steel track, and choose the point where it will be connected to the mounting wall with. To build a place for the bit, you can use a punch so it does not slide on the metal when you’re drilling. Add a little cutting oil to the hole for keeping a cool area.

Step 4: Install the Hanger Rollers and Hang the Door

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer and connect hanger rollers to the door by using all the provided implements such as carriage bolts, scrubbers, and nuts. Remember to use a wrench for tightening it. If you do not have enough strength to hang the door, you may ask one or two persons to help in attaching the roller guide and rollers then hanging the door on the track.

The Final Verdict

Exterior sliding barn doors may not only save your space but also add a charming and rustic appearance to your house. If you pick a used old door and some materials from a salvage store, it will cost you less than $100!

We hope that with all the tips above, you can know the way of how to install an exterior sliding barn door.

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