How To Grow Black Beans? The Concise Process To Save Your Time

Are you planning to grow black beans in your garden but do not know how to grow black beans correctly? Do not worry, as we will show you the most simple method to grow and take care of this type of bean. Let’s check them out all in this post!

How To Grow Black Beans?

Preparing Before Grow

Choose the seed

In the market today, you will have various choices in types of black bean seeds. You can easily buy them in the seeds store, supermarket next to your house, or even buy online. For well-developed plants, you should choose seeds that are big, round, and unscratched.

Choose the soil and area

Black bean plants do not require strict soil conditions, but you should choose spongy soil, which is not overly moist. It would be best if you grew black beans in areas with a lot of sunlight, as this plant needs sunlight to fully mature.

Planting Black Beans

When should you grow?

Before starting growing black beans, you need to remember the most suitable time to raise the seeds is at the beginning of March. However, you can execute this step before the summer, in February. You need to know that one black bean tree needs about 100 days to mature.

Sow the seeds

It would be best if you began sowing the seeds indoors about seven days to twelve days before growing them outside. Black beans are easier to germinate if you soak them in clean water for a few hours.

Grow black beans

Firstly, loosen the oil and create the grooves for sowing. The distance between the rows is about 25 centimeters. After sowing the seeds, spread a thin layer of soil to cover the bases.

Finally, use a small amount of water to keep the plant moisture. Remember, do not water too much because black beans are easy to rot at the roots if they lie in soggy soil for too long.

You should find chopped straw or hay to cover your plants’ bases about two or three weeks after growing, as they will help keep the moisture and the soil warm.

Harvest time indicator

But how do you know the plants are fully mature enough to harvest? The answer is when the plants topple over and turn dark yellow, and the bean pods turn light yellow. Besides, you can hear the rattling when you shake the bean pods.

Keep in mind that these plants usually reach maturity after 90 to 140 days.

After picking the black bean plants, you should dry them directly under the sun for three to five days or hang them in well-lit places for about one week. Collecting the seeds can be faster if you put all the pods in the sack and hit it a few times. The seeds will eventually fall out of the pods.

When they are all dry, you need to pick each pod off the plant, break it open, and remove the beans. Now you have successfully raising and harvesting black beans!

These are all essential steps on how to grow black beans!

Additional Tips On How To Grow Black Beans

Here are some useful notes for you on how to grow black beanssuccessfully. We suggest you keep in mind all of these tips!

  1. A suitable amount of sunlight and water is good enough to let black beans grow strong. Thus, you do not need to water it every day, only water when the soil is dry.
  2. The fertilizer with low nitrogen content is ideal for boosting the growth of this plant.
  3. The problem is not only how to grow black beans but also how to effectively take care of them. More specifically, black beans are also susceptible to pests and diseases such as fruit borers and leaf spots. To avoid those problems, you should spray pesticides when there are signs of them.
  4. Moreover, remove wilted plants and clean grass regularly.
  5. When the tree is 40 to 50 centimeters tall, it will grow many leaves. At that time, it is necessary to remove the tops to prevent stem and leaf growth.
  6. Last but not least, remove old leaves for high yield when it comes to the flowering stage.

Final Words

After reading this article, we hope that you now knowhow to grow black beans correctly. Ensure that you follow the listed methods above and other essential notes of the amount of sunlight, water, and how to keep the beans healthy.

If you have succeeded in growing black beans by yourselves, please drop a comment to let us know. Thank you for reading this post!

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